A Life As A Mutant

young teenager (15 yr old girl named Paige) being chased around america because she had superhuman abilities: she could fly and create force field energy blasts. the CUFM (control unit for mutants) are tracking her down because she is the only mutant left in New York. writen in first person




Why me, I didn't ask to be a mutant, I found out when a weird dude kidnapped me and attempted to shoot me, attempted anyway. Before the bullet hit me, a force field came out my hands and reflected the bullet. Luckily he did not get hurt otherwise I would be a murderer. Then I started levitating and I flew out of that abandoned, ugly, dark warehouse, which happened 5 months ago. Afterwards I had been told to perfect my powers because some evil people called control units for mutants (C.U.F.M.) are after me to take me to a prison, for life. They already took my mother when I was younger, and every mutant in New York City. As far as I knew I was the only one left...   

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