Note to Self: Excerpts from Boredom

A fictionalised 'blog' written from the point of view of a college student. I thought about my own experiences to write this but the actual stuff in the 'blog' is all made up, haha.


7. Walk The River


I’m feeling cautiously optimistic today but no idea why. I’ve panicked all day over my driving lesson and my exam tomorrow, now I feel quite mellow and relaxed as if everything’s fine and dandy. Maybe it’s because of fatigue/lack of sleep? Maybe the driving has played a part in tiring me out? Who knows?

Anyway, apart from speculating about why I feel like this, I’ve had some positive things said to me today which have made me smile so thanks to that person. Also, the texts I’ve received from someone have contributed to making me smile albeit in a different way. I thought that I had alienated this person and driven them away but obviously, I’m worrying about nothing. Good.

Making my own pizza for tea today sounds very infantile and childish but hey, it’s fun! I was tempted to go for the classic smiley face but instead I opted for a more Picasso-looking face with shit thrown randomly all over. Not actual shit because, for some strange reason, I don’t think it would be a nice meal. I mean random pizza toppings thrown about. Of course, you knew that.

I should be revising for History since I have the exam tomorrow but it can wait until 12 tonight. Leaving it at last-minute as possible as always, Mister Priest. I’m feeling confident though, I think I know all I need to.

I’m more worried for Monday to be honest. I have an English Literature starter first then afterwards, the main course of Politics with a side-order of panic and anxiety. A tasty two-course meal? I think not.

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