Note to Self: Excerpts from Boredom

A fictionalised 'blog' written from the point of view of a college student. I thought about my own experiences to write this but the actual stuff in the 'blog' is all made up, haha.


12. This Is The End


There are some people who are so unbelievably shallow but yet give off the appearance that they are intricate souls whose deepness is unmatched.

They’re the kind of people who have loads of ‘friends’ on Facebook who they never talk to.

They’re also the kind of people who, when they do talk, you can feel that falseness and you can feel that they’re pretending they give a flying fuck about what you just said when in actual fact, they don’t care one iota.

Wish it was easier to tell them apart from the decent people in life.

No, wait, screw this. I'm stopping writing any more. What's the point in me releasing my angst when it does nothing to change anything in my life? I'll take up smoking or drug-taking. I'm sure that'll change things up.

That was a joke. Anyway, bye world. I'll return when I feel better. <3

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