Note to Self: Excerpts from Boredom

A fictionalised 'blog' written from the point of view of a college student. I thought about my own experiences to write this but the actual stuff in the 'blog' is all made up, haha.


5. Punk


At the moment, I feel jittery due to exams and have a feeling to tell someone that I’m unhappy with them. Exams are justifiable, God, it’s exams. Of course I’m worried.

The other thing isn’t that justifiable according to the people I asked. I don’t know what your views on texting people are but I obviously have different views to others.

For example, if I text someone, I expect that person to reply as soon as they can. I don’t like them either not texting back at all or texting back hours later because ‘they were busy’.

I’m sorry but if you’re so busy, why are you on Facebook posting comments and statuses? Surely if you can go on Facebook and talk to someone, you can reply to my message?

I hate it even more when they ask you to text them and then when you do, you get no reply at all. That’s even worse because this time, they specifically asked you to text so obviously they want a text and want to have a conversation via text.

That’s why I am unhappy with this person but get this. Apparently, it’s okay if they don’t text back because they ‘cba’. I’m sorry, what? If they were to text me, I would reply as soon as I could, if not straight away.

How can someone not be arsed replying to a message that their friend has sent to them ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ASKED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE TO TEXT? It’s just madness.

Really, it’s like going to a restaurant, ordering a meal and then when the waiter delivers your food, you spit in his face and tell him to sod off. Why, why, why?

Anyway, that’s a load of my chest. Hopefully next time I write something in this blog, it will be happy fun news.

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