Note to Self: Excerpts from Boredom

A fictionalised 'blog' written from the point of view of a college student. I thought about my own experiences to write this but the actual stuff in the 'blog' is all made up, haha.


8. Johnny F. Grade


I’m in the English department at college, sitting around with people and laughing at all sorts of things. I’m so tired. Seriously, like ZZZZZZZZ tired. Don’t even know how I have the energy to type right now.

Anyway, my History exam went alright, I have no idea if I did enough to get that illustrious A grade but time will tell. I was three marks off an A in January so if I’ve done well enough on this paper, I could push my mark up. Fingers firmly and completely crossed.

I drank too much coffee this morning too. Bad idea. I was so jittery and shaky from withdrawal that I was completely out of it during the exam. I was writing from pure instinct. That’s not a good sign although maybe you could see it positively. Maybe my caffeine downer has helped me to focus my attention on the exam instead of daydreaming.

Right now, I am sitting here weeping into my arms at the thought of my English Literature exam. Oh, and Politics. I spoke yesterday about this but hey, it’s three and a half days away. I have a right to panic.

I just need to concentrate during the Lit exam. Just go into Buddhist/Zen mode.

Peace out y’all.

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