Note to Self: Excerpts from Boredom

A fictionalised 'blog' written from the point of view of a college student. I thought about my own experiences to write this but the actual stuff in the 'blog' is all made up, haha.


3. Animal Nitrate


Hey people or should I say the two people I have following me at this very moment in time?

I think I said something yesterday about writing more about why I want to write this blog. If I did, great, that’s what I’m doing today. If not, surprise! 

Can’t even remember what I said yesterday so if I repeat myself, I apologise. I think part of me wants to do this because it’s good for looking back on where I was in life at this point in time. Secondly, I want to be able to laugh at myself in the future and how I babbled on about meaningless things and people to such a degree, it drove me mad.

Also, I want to feel like someone is interested in my life and what I did, do and will do in the future. I want people to see my thoughts and feelings and analyse what I say subconsciously.

Thanks for reading/listening/whatever.

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