Inseparable ~A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction~

Lauren and Evie Brown are twin sisters, born minutes apart. Although I say they’re twins they both have very different personalities and don’t look much like twins either. Lauren, the not so much popular but still not a total freak, has the same long light brown flowing hair as her sister. Evie. Evie was the popular kind of girl, you know, the ones that get all the boys, spend ages on their appearance every morning? Yeah those, well that pretty much describes Evie. Popular. Despite their different personalities the twins are, Inseparable.


3. Prologue

Evie’s P.O.V

“Pretty please with a cherry on top?” my -right now- irritating sister asked begged for the millionth time, I’m not joking that probably was the millionth time this ‘debate’ has been going on since I set foot in the living room this morning around 10’o clock- it’s now 12’o clock. She wants me to go to a One Direction concert with her. Like. That’s. Gonna. Happen. I wouldn’t be seen dead at one of their concerts, don’t get me wrong I love my sister an all but I just think she has really bad taste in music. “No, just no!” I scream at my –still very irritating- sister before getting up from my comfortable position on the couch, leaving the living room and going up the stairs. “Please Eve! Mum and Dad won’t let me go unless I have someone else with me…and Jess isn’t very likely to go. Please” Lauren begged following me up the stairs, I reach my bedroom door opening and closing it before she’s even reached the top of the stairs “NO!” I yell through the hard wooden door, then going over to sit on the end of my king sized bed. My parents are lawyers- meaning their rich. Sounds good, but their jobs mean they’re hardly ever home.

            “Fine” I hear faintly through the door, which is strange because Lauren never gives up that easily, her ‘debates’ usually go on for at least two days at least. There are a few minutes of silence before I hear my sister’s faint voice through the door again…this time with a hint of sarcasm in it. Which worries me. A lot. “I’ll just have to tell Josh about your little ‘incident’ with Matty last week then…” Damn! She knows exactly how to get to me “I –I err, errrm” I stutter thinking of a comeback, ‘so would your nose’ wouldn’t exactly work for this situation somehow. I groan knowing I had been defeated “Ugh! Fine... I’ll go to your stupid concert!” 

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