Inseparable ~A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction~

Lauren and Evie Brown are twin sisters, born minutes apart. Although I say they’re twins they both have very different personalities and don’t look much like twins either. Lauren, the not so much popular but still not a total freak, has the same long light brown flowing hair as her sister. Evie. Evie was the popular kind of girl, you know, the ones that get all the boys, spend ages on their appearance every morning? Yeah those, well that pretty much describes Evie. Popular. Despite their different personalities the twins are, Inseparable.


4. "One Direction here we come"

Lauren’s P.O.V

“Beep…beep…beep…beep” my alarm clock rung through my ears, signalling I had exactly 8 and a half hours to get ready for a date…err I mean concert with One Direction. I sling my covers to one side of the bed the cold air hitting my pyjama covered body instantly. I shiver sitting up and heading over to my en-suite bathroom, don’t you just love having rich parents? Well I do…anyway I hop into the shower.

            Once I’m done in the shower I get out wrapping a towel around my bare body and heading back through to my bedroom, picking out an outfit for today, I finally settle on a pair of pale blue skinny jeans, a white vest top and a beige knitted jumper with a pair of uggs (Beige day). Once I’m dressed I skip, yes you heard right skip down the stairs. What can I say? Apart from I’m meeting One Direction tonight, Mm-hm meeting One Direction. VIP tickets all the way!

            I flop down on the couch turning on the TV; Evie wasn’t up yet so guess who has choice of the TV channel? If you guessed me you were… Wrong! Only joking you were right! Your prize? Err, the joy of knowing you were right? Yeah that’ll do, I search through the TV guide looking for nothing in particular settling on Phineas and Ferb. Don’t diss, they’re awesome! Seriously they are, why don’t you believe me? Any-who moving on, I watch a couple of episodes of Phineas & Ferb -mostly repeats- before Evie decides to get up, looking completely different without the tons of make-up she plasters on every morning might I add “Morning!” I chirp, the excitement of meeting One Direction getting to me, she grunts a response that I don’t quite hear, but was probably along the lines of ‘Yeah, yeah Morning’. I decide to just leave her to it, so I get up heading in to the open-plan kitchen/ dining area realizing I hadn’t had any breakfast yet I decide on toast, putting two slices of bread into the toaster waiting for it to pop up. After what seems like ages the bread or would you call it toast now? Finally pops up, I spread some ‘nutella’ on to it then sit down on the middle island to eat it. 

            As I finish straightening my fringe I look towards the clock; 5.30, One hour until I need to leave. I glance at my outfit laying lifeless on my bed- Red skinnies, cream t-shirt with a red heart outlined in black and my black converse (Red, cream, black)- I apply the small amount of make-up then get changed into my outfit. I check my appearance in the full length mirror hanging on my wall before picking up my overnight bag and going downstairs to wait for Evie and Mum- Mum was dropping us off then we were staying the night in a hotel. Not long after I sit down Mum comes in “Ready, sweetie?” she asks, her soft voice filling the room “Yep! Just waiting for Evie” I reply the excitement showing in my tone, “Alright then, I’ll go see if she’s nearly ready” mum states heading out of the room and up the stairs before I can reply. A few minutes later mum returns with a bored looking Evie.

 “If anyone sees me at this concert, you’re dead” my sister whispers to me as we head out the door and down the drive to mum’s car, I can’t help but chuckle at how self-obsessed my sister can be. I suddenly start running towards the car “What the he-“Evie starts but stops when I reach the passenger door before her. I just smirk in reply as Evie gets into the back and I the front. “One Direction here we come!” I shout as mum pulls out of the drive “Kill. Me. Now” Evie mumbles from the back as we pull onto the motorway heading towards ‘Manchester Arena’.

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