Inseparable ~A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction~

Lauren and Evie Brown are twin sisters, born minutes apart. Although I say they’re twins they both have very different personalities and don’t look much like twins either. Lauren, the not so much popular but still not a total freak, has the same long light brown flowing hair as her sister. Evie. Evie was the popular kind of girl, you know, the ones that get all the boys, spend ages on their appearance every morning? Yeah those, well that pretty much describes Evie. Popular. Despite their different personalities the twins are, Inseparable.


5. "Limited Edition"

Lauren’s P.O.V

“This is from the limited edition of our album-” Harry introduces, the screaming of the fan-girls- and mine- deafening. This was the final song before the concert finished and the only thing in between me meeting One Direction “-a song that some of you may know, this is moments” he finishes as the music for moments begins and the screams of the audience rise.

            “Shut the door, turn the light off I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this- even though I try” Liam starts “Heart beats harder, time escapes me, trembling hands touch skin. It makes this harder and the tears stream down my face” he continues, Harry following; “If we could only have this life for one more day, if we could only turn back time” his voice rising a bit at the end, as the rest join in for the chorus “You know I’ll be your life, your voice your reason to be, my love, my heart is breathing for this moment, in time I’ll find the words to say- before you leave me today”  Harry’s voice seemed to stand out most above the screams and it seemed as if he was looking straight at me- and the VIP pass around my neck. He winked at me and I had to fight to control the- excited was an understatement- fan-girl inside me, I let out a small squeal as Harry removed his gaze from me concentrating on his solo “Okay, okay I get your excited and stuff but what’s with the sudden squeal?” I hear from beside me, I turn realising it was Evie- I had completely forgotten about the bored, paranoid girl, that I call my sister next to me. “H-h-harry he w-winked a-at m-me!” I stutter in answer, letting out another squeal. Evie just raises her eyebrows in response and turns towards the stage, ignoring me- occasionally looking over her shoulder for anyone she recognised.

            ‘Moments’ finished and One Direction thanked the audience as they exited the stage- Harry giving a final glance in my direction.  

Harry P.O.V

I collapsed onto the couch in our dressing room- the boys’ doing the same almost in sync. “That was aw-” Niall starts, Louis cutting him off; “AWESOME!” he screams- Zayn covering his ears next to him. “So what now?” Niall askes, his Irish accent showing “We wait” I reply simply, thinking about the girl I had just seen in the audience- with a VIP pass around her slender neck. She was Stunning; the way her light brown hair flowed perfectly down her back, the simple t-shirt she wore seeming to touch her gentle curves in just the right places, her bright brown eyes shining in the lights of the arena- she was just stunning. I set my own mental task to make her mine.

            “What do you-” Niall starts but is interrupted once again by a slight knock on the door, Liam gets up from his seat on the couch next to Niall, heading toward it- to make sure it wasn’t some crazed fan wanting to marry all of us, probably. It’s happened before, Okay? Fun times. He opens the door slightly checking who it is “Oh hey Eric” Liam greets to who must have been Eric at the door; Eric was our co-manager, going to all our concerts whenever Simon couldn’t. Liam opens the door wider and stood in the doorway is; Eric, the girl from the audience and another girl I hadn’t seen before. Each girl wearing VIP passes around their neck.  “Boys this is Lauren and Evie the owners of two VIP passes” Eric states pointing at each girl as he said their name, Lauren the girl from the audience gave a nervous smile as her eyes darted around the room landing on each of us, she was wearing . Whereas Evie just looked…bored and definitely didn’t want to be here, she was wearing

            Eric encourages them into the room- Evie because she really didn’t want to be here and Lauren because well, she looked kinda nervous. “HELLO!” Louis shouts, taking away the awkwardness. I hadn’t taken my eyes of Lauren since I saw her in the doorway, she let out a small chuckle at Louis’ sudden outburst “Hey” is all she manages to get out as her eyes dart across the room landing on me, “Hey, Lauren” I greet as her eyes light up for a second most likely because I had remembered her name “Hey, Harry” she copies getting slightly more confident by the second, Evie rolls her eyes next to her “Can we just get this over with sis? It’s bad enough you dragged me along with you, I don’t want to have to put up with you flirting as well” So that was her sister? Her eyes land on me for a second, from the corner of my eye I see Lauren with a slight tint of red on her cheeks “Awwwh wittle Harrys bwushing!” I hear Louis state across from me, seems like Lauren wasn’t the only one with a slight red-ness in their cheeks, I shoot a glare towards Louis who starts stirring un-comfortably in his seat. “I’ll leave you lot to talk, try not to kill them boys!” Eric says leaving the room; Liam closes the door rolling his eyes. The girls sit down where there’s a space; Lauren next to me on the Loveseat, Evie on her own in the arm chair, Liam sits back down next to Niall on sofa opposite Lauren and I and an awkward silence falls over us…

“So girls, have you met Kevin?” Louis says randomly trying to get rid of the awkwardness; it works as Lauren replies from next to me with a small smirk “The pigeon? Oh yeah loads a times” I glance over at Louis who had that look in his eye- the kind that says; you and me are gonna get along great. We were, I don’t know how I knew but…I just knew we were gonna get along great…with the slight exception of Evie, I don’t think Evie and One direction were ever going to ‘get along great’.

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