Inseparable ~A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction~

Lauren and Evie Brown are twin sisters, born minutes apart. Although I say they’re twins they both have very different personalities and don’t look much like twins either. Lauren, the not so much popular but still not a total freak, has the same long light brown flowing hair as her sister. Evie. Evie was the popular kind of girl, you know, the ones that get all the boys, spend ages on their appearance every morning? Yeah those, well that pretty much describes Evie. Popular. Despite their different personalities the twins are, Inseparable.


11. "All day"

Lauren’s P.O.V

I woke up the next morning at the sound of my alarm clock- feeling exhausted. Yesterday at Starbucks hadn’t gone as bad as I thought it would; that still doesn’t change what Jess thinks about them though. That’s not why I’m exhausted though; I was up until midnight last night texting Harry. Which wasn’t the best idea I’ve had in a while as I was paying for it now.

            I climb lazily out of bed heading into my en-suite bathroom It was 7.00 now meaning I had enough time to have a quick shower. Turning on the water I strip down and wait for the water to rise to a reasonable temperature before going in.

            Once I was finished in the shower I take my school uniform out of my wooden wardrobe drying myself with the towel afterwards. The uniform was pretty basic; White blouse, Black trousers/skirt, grey blazer, black shoes and a red tie. Once I was dressed and my hair was done I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen for some breakfast.

            “Good morning!” Evie chirped as she entered the kitchen a few minutes after me. She took a bowl out of the cupboard and poured some cereal into it along with milk joining me at the island. “Morning” I sighed- my face nearly falling into the bowl of coco pops and chocolaty brown milk that laid before me. “Someone’s tired, was Lauren up all night studying?” Evie smirked “Nope” I replied popping the ‘p’, I finished of my Coco pops then stood up walking over to the sink.

My phone vibrated in my pocket telling me I had received a text:

Morning! I was wondering if you wanted to come round tonight? The boys really want to see you again and well, I do to :L that sounded less cheesy in my head…

19 Apr. 2012 8.00

From: Hazza;)

I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as I read the last bit “What you laughing at?” Evie questions, before I had time to answer Evie was stood behind me in the kitchen door- reading over my shoulder. “Morning! I was wondering if you wanted to come round tonight? The boys really want to see you again and well, I do to. That sounded less cheesy in my head…” Evie mocked “from Hazza? Really Lauren? Really?” she finished her eyebrows raised. I ignored Evie’s questioning and continued out the kitchen and up the stairs to get my bag.

As I made my way down the road to the bus stop I texted a reply to Harry:

Hey, I would love to. What time?

19 Apr. 2012 8.10

To: Hazza;)

I got to the bus stop 5 minutes later, I had 15 minutes to wait. So I occupied myself by listening to my iPod, I even had a playlist specifically for this situation I call it *dramatic drum roll here* ‘Bus stop’. I know creative, right? It only had 5 songs in it- My favourite songs:

Half way through ‘Another world’ the bus arrived, I stood and waited for the little year 7’s to get on first- I swear they’re getting smaller by the year- before I climb on to the bus paying for a single ticket. I take my seat next to Jess at the front of the bus “Good morning” I beamed placing my backpack on the floor in front of me “What’s so good about it?” is the reply I get, I roll my eyes taking my earphones out of my ears and putting my iPod away “I noticed you only got a single ticket” Jess hinted “Stalker” I joked in reply “Seriously though, why the single ticket?”

“If I tell you, you won’t like it” I grinned

“Tell me…please?” Jess ‘pleaded’ giving me her best attempt at puppy dog eyes, I may as well tell her

“I’m only telling you because I know you won’t stop if I don’t”

“Carry on…”

“I’m going round to Harry’s tonight- he’s picking me up from school”

“Who’s Harry?” someone says behind us I turn to find William aka Mildred, I don’t honestly know why we call him Mildred It just stuck. If you’re wondering who Mildred is he’s this tiny and I mean tiny year 7 that sits behind us on the bus- Jess knows him from Orchestra or something. His bags nearly as big as him…

“Oh hey Mildred” Jess and I say in sync “Yeah Lauren, who is Harry?” Jess jokes and I send a glare in her direction as the bus stops pulling up outside school, I stand up and tap my nose looking towards Mildred before I get off the bus Jess following “Thanks Frank!” we called to the bus driver  before making our way round to the main part of the school.

            School was school I guess; Re, Maths, ICT, Science, History and French. French. Now this should be interesting, I took my seat at the front of the class. It’s the seating plan; believe me I don’t want to sit there. Not only was it at the front- it was next to John, not being offensive to gingers or anything or fat people for that matter but John was fat and ginger. Don’t get me started on his need for a belt ether. 

             “Bonjour la class!” Mr Messenger hollered at the front “Bonjour monsieur” The class replied in sync- looking bored already. This lesson was the only lesson where everyone was silent- mainly because their afraid to talk. Mr Messenger not only could shout but he was the deputy head as well. And he did shout a lot. The lesson continued slowly and I repeatedly kept looking behind me to see what time it was. 3.00. Only 15 more minutes of hell.

15 minutes later [Did anyone else just read that in that voice off SpongeBob? Just me? Okay…]

“Were free!” Max exclaimed as soon as we were out the door- and we were. I waited for Jess outside the classroom and we made our way to the front of school.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” I said to Jess as she got on the bus “C’ya!” she replied with a small wave. I stood alone on the corner waiting for Louis to arrive, after 5 minutes he did; he stuck his head- he was wearing sunglasses-  out the window “Over here Lauren!” he called.

            “Hey Laur” he chirped, shortening my name as I climbed into the passenger seat “Hey Lou” I mocked “Let’s go Harry’s been talking about you all day” Louis informed waggling is eyebrows in a way I couldn’t help but laugh at. “Okie dokie” I replied as Louis put the car in gear exiting the school car park.

That’s when I realised he had said ‘Harry’s been talking about you all day’…

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