Inseparable ~A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction~

Lauren and Evie Brown are twin sisters, born minutes apart. Although I say they’re twins they both have very different personalities and don’t look much like twins either. Lauren, the not so much popular but still not a total freak, has the same long light brown flowing hair as her sister. Evie. Evie was the popular kind of girl, you know, the ones that get all the boys, spend ages on their appearance every morning? Yeah those, well that pretty much describes Evie. Popular. Despite their different personalities the twins are, Inseparable.


1. Lauren Brown

Hey, how you doing? Good? Okay then I’m Lauren Brown, born 31st March 1996 minutes after my sister Evie…she’ll never let me live that down, Anyway I suppose you want to know about me; I’m 16 years old, I have a non-identical twin, I live in York- Which is in England if you didn’t know- with my sister, Mum and Dad oh and can’t forget my hamster, Pie he likes eating pie okay? Get over it. Moving on, I can’t think of much else really I have good grades at school I guess? Oh and I’m a major directioner, Think what you want, but this is me. Lauren Brown.

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