The truth behind all this pain

Charlotte now understands why she gets bullied and Mia understands that it is wrong to bully others. would a sensitive story and an apology be enough to forgive a bully???


2. Mia

As soon as I put my hand on Charlotte's shoulder, she started to shiver. I liked the way that everyone knew who was the don around here and I especially loved the fact that when I bully people, I become more and more powerful and they just become weak! Its sooo fun.


I started to punch and kick her for like about 10 minutes. To be honest, I wanted to beat her up for more but that would mean that I would be late for skl. I actually dont mind bein late 4 skl buh ih is juss thah I will be grounded from goin out and I will be banned from Facebook if my parents find out.  


Anyways, I walked to the school gates and saw Tom, my boyfriend. I went up to him and felt his lovely hands touch me. I stopped him as I was late for skl. I didnt expecty this question from him buh I guess he waz juss afraid.


"Did you beat up someone?" Asked Tom.

"uummm....... kinda?"

"y do u do dis ting? I told yuh thah if ya carry on, Imma dump yah."

"Dont plz dont..."

"den y do yah do dis ting?"

"To make them feel the way thah I felt..."

"Wah do yah mean?


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