The truth behind all this pain

Charlotte now understands why she gets bullied and Mia understands that it is wrong to bully others. would a sensitive story and an apology be enough to forgive a bully???


3. Mia : my story...

I used to get bullied. Not by friends or cousins, but by my own parents. I usually wonder, what have I done wrong but I guess the answer I could think of was nothing. 


They kept on hitting, punching and even burning me. They kept on threatening me not to tell anyone else. They said that if I do, then I will get murdered and my body will be chopped in pieces. I didn't know what to do. 


They kept on torturing me in different ways and also kept on asking me what I did to them. I couldn't come up with an answer, as mentioned before but they kept on asking. I knew that they will stop abusing me if I told them something. I said that I wasn't meant to be their child. I think that was what they wanted me to say. They wanted it to come put of my own mouth. I couldn't believe it.


They replied that I wasn't their child. I asked them what they meant and they responded that I was adopted by them.


They said that they gave me a hard time so that they don't get stressed. I couldn't believe how I was used. I slapped them both and ran out of the house and escaped. I saw a policeman and told them and they left me at a carehome. Everyone was friendly there. I soon found out the most shocking truth. My parents are my social workers. They soon left the home and took me with them and thats why Im here. I then decided, to become a bully... and that is the reason why I give a hard time to others."


"Oh!! Buh wah did the..."

My maths teacher was there and asked me why I wasn't in form. I obviously had to do as I was told. I hadn't realized that I had been late. I walked to form and saw balloons everywhere and no one was to be seen.

"Happy Birthday" They screamed. 

I told them that it wasn't my birthday and they said they knew. I looked behind and saw Charlotte. I felt sorry for her. I didn't know that it was her birthday. I really didn't....




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