The truth behind all this pain

Charlotte now understands why she gets bullied and Mia understands that it is wrong to bully others. would a sensitive story and an apology be enough to forgive a bully???


1. Charlotte

I have been picked on my whole life, you see, I am a very sensitive person, and kids took advantage of that, and they bullied me so much that I came to a decision of committing suicide. Only people who have been bullied will understand this. I have written my story...

I woke up, not looking forward to another school day as I knew that this bullying will never stop. I changed into my school uniform, ate breakfast and then walked to the bus stop. There, I saw Mia and her so called gang.


I walked past her, hoping that she wont notice me but I was wrong.

"Heyy, what are you tryna do? You a perv or what, why are you standin next to me, you FREAK!!!!" Shouted Mia.


I didn't know what to say so I just started to walk faster. I hid inside the corner shop, behind the newspaper rack. I saw the gang approach the rack so I quickly went behind the other section. I knew I was slow and that I had been seen because I felt a hand on my back.


An extremely heavy hand...



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