The last year

Keira and Drew have always been best friends, always been then for each other and never missed a moment to be with one another. As they finally turn eighteen, they look back on their memories together, before they go off to university. But under the memories lies a bigger secret, could it tear them apart now, or will it bring them closer together forever?


1. The beginning of the end

At the ages of seventeen, Keira and Drew had known each other for eleven years. During which they became just like twins.


Keira's P.O.V 

I met up with him at the front gate of the college, where i had done everyday for the past year. He said nothing, it was unusual, but I had nothing to say either. Silence boomed over us. It wasn't right, I should have known then that something wasn't right, we were never silent. All I could think about was university. It was only a year away until we were going away to university. Drew and I weren't going to the same uni, the first time in eleven years that we wouldn't be together. I hated the thought, it scared me, I didn't want to be away from him for so long. 

I couldn't stand the silence anymore, or thinking about uni. Was he thinking about it too? Did he realize that we only had a year left together? I had to know. Suddenly I stopped in front of him. He looked down at me, his eyes were sparkling like a thousand diamonds under the sun, with a halfhearted smile across his face. I looked up at him, he could see I was sad and hurt. 

"I know," He finally said. I looked down, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into him,his body so warm. 

"I know," He repeated. then kissed the top of my head. I giggled, then smiled up at him.

 We walked to class next to each other. He kept looking down at me, giving his cheeky smile then looking back up.

"What?!" I finally shouted, coming to an abrupt stop.

"What?" He said laughing. Looking back at me as he carried on walking. I ran after him and playfully hit his arm with my books and started laughing. It was just like old times, when we were younger, teasing each other, laughing and just joking around but how long would that last...



Drew's P.O.V

Walking into the classroom, we were laughing so much that her face turned red. I looked down at her. I loved how she looked when she was so happy and laughing, even if she does goes bright red, its quirky. I had worked out that we only had a year left with each other during the summer and it hurt me to think about it since then. 

Keira and I had known each other for eleven years, that's a long time to stay best friends for. What was even better was we had everything in common, we both loved music, we both loved parties and best of all we both loved dancing. 

All through the lesson it bugged me, it's all i had on my mind. This was the beginning of the end for us. 




Keira's P.O.V 



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