The last year

Keira and Drew have always been best friends, always been then for each other and never missed a moment to be with one another. As they finally turn eighteen, they look back on their memories together, before they go off to university. But under the memories lies a bigger secret, could it tear them apart now, or will it bring them closer together forever?


2. How it all began

Keira's P.O.V


I met him when I was six. We were starting a new school together, moving up from lower school. It was an induction day. We were sat on the same table. He was the only one there that I would talk to, everyone else wasn't worth talking to. We got on straight away, already laughing, joking and generally getting on. That was the best day of my life. I met my best friend, they one that would stay forever- so I thought. The two days of induction days went by so quickly. I stayed with him during our breaks and met his other friends. He seemed to be the guy who hung out with all the girls. I became friends with them too, but I was never as close to them as I was to Drew. He was my link to everyone. 

I thought I wouldn't see Drew until the new school year started after the summer holidays ended. However, during the holidays I was at a friends house one day, and there was Drew with Hannah's little brother Alex. I didn't want to leave that day. There was a lot of kids in that house that day. We decided to play hide and seek, it wasn't the best game, we all went and hid in Alex's bedroom, but someone shut the door, which was broken and we got trapped in. I sat and talked to him for ages whilst we were being rescued. We managed to get on so well, but at that age you do, you become friends so quickly. 

That's how we met, how we became best of friends. So simply. 


Drew's P.O.V


I first saw her when I was at induction day for primary school. I wanted to talk to her when we were sitting on the floor and the teacher was talking to us. I was too scared. She seemed so kind, generous and loving, I knew that if we became friends, we'd always be friends. 

Then it happened, when we were sitting at the table. She started a conversation with me. I don't know why with me when there was plenty more people sitting with us. Her voice was so sweet. We held conversation all day. That was the very first day I saw her, and I couldn't wait till I saw her again. 


I didn't have to wait long. I was with my mum and brother and a friends house, near her Nan's. I didn't know this until much later in life. She was friends with my mate's older sister and came round that afternoon. There were so many kids there that I didn't expect her to even notice me, let alone recognize me. But she did. As soon as she saw me she walked over and started talking to me. My heart kept beating faster and faster. She was amazing. 


I wanted to be friends with her for life. 


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