Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


3. The Team and they're Research..

The two mystified children arrived at there small muddy village where they were met by Seb, Bartholomeul and Ttina, Persetheus' friends. Seb, short for Sebastian, gasped at Melanie, and nearly passed out. While Bart and Ttina introduced themselves, Bart almost crushed Mel's hand with his big, blacksmiths hands. As always, Barts Warhammer was strapped to his back and his face covered in soot. Ttina on the other hand was wrapped in a brilliant white dress whith her diamond encrusted spear, her parents were rich and were the emperor and empress of Cavellous! Seb recovered and shook hands, careful not to dribble, he was easily out done but was extremely skillful with a sword and wore leather armour all the time.

''This is Melanie, she lives in the village but keeps away from others, she is amazing with animals, knives and her intelligence, she's new to the gang.'' Percy announced.

They walked into Bart's fathers Blacksmith's and sat down in the corner and whispered about the forest and showed the note. Gasps of horror, amazement and as it comes, surprize that Greeks had found the Lost Isles! Ttina paced the walls, trying to figure out who the Harniken were, her father should of known who this tribe is, he practically owns all of the Organisations in Cavellous. Bart's father, Sven, entered the blacksmiths and Bart shooed the 'gang' out and tried to get some information as a senior member of the Cavellous comittee, he should know alot about the forest.


Seb got used to Mel while that happened and sparred for a while, sword versus knife, surely the sword would win. But Melanie was pure skill on legs. Clangs pierced the late morning air and the village gathered to watch, cheers erupted when Seb's sword flew out of his hand. Melanie twisted behind him and put a knife to his throat. Seb could smell lotus flowers and lavender and he inhaled and let Mel drop kick him and the village erupted once again into roars of laughter and cheers. Ttina rested her spear on hershoulder and clapped smiling at Seb as he wiped mud off his leather armour. 


Bart appeared again. A huge grin upon his face, miming: I know! I know! I know!

''The Harniken tribe are definately greek, though there name leads it to be a local tribe. The leader of the tribe, Psedotum, did have a leiutenant: Called something like: Hercules or something, not THE Hercules but he is brave and courageous in battle and has helped my dad on occasions. But he hides out past the forest, because he is wanted for alot of things. A murder of an innocent man who he may of had a feud with, but there is other small unimportant things.'' He whispered, guiding the group of researchers to the exit of the village.

''Lets go to the forest then!'' Shouted Ttina. She jumped on her beautiful white horse. Bart grabbed his scruffy but cute warthog that was being sidetracked to some rotting apples. Seb grabbed his sword and jumped onto a black horse with a glossy coat..

''FOR CAVELLOUS!'' Screamed Melanie as her eagle soared over head and she ran along with Percy, weapons drawn..

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