Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


7. The Invitation and the Future..

Ttina ran over to her father and hugged him.

''What made you come here? If it wasn't for your men we'd be dead!'' Bart asked politely, blushing as the emperor ruffled his hair.

''Well.. The fact that the forest was on fire and Ttina had took her horse, I knew she must of done something wrong in her travels! Ha Ha! Not really, your father told me about your sudden interest in the Tribes and then I saw the forest ablaze, I knew something must be wrong.. I was right.. Now young man.''  The emperor explained, pointing at Percy.

''You saved my life and used your initiative and trust in your friends. That from a child is truly respectable and, for that, I would like to invite you to an award ceremony at my castle.. Where you will recieve a medal and a knighthood. When you are older, you will become a prince and, when I die, have a chance at becoming Emperor.. But before then, when you are sixteen, you will  become a Royal Guard at my castle.. For now, practise with your blessing and be proud..!'' He cheered, then climbed onto his horse and pulled Ttina onto hers.

''Farewell!'' He shouted.

''See you tomorrow!'' Ttina yelled.

Melanie strode over to Percy and whistled. She put her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. The start of a new love...


Seb hauled himself onto his horse and said his farewells, he cantered into the fading sun at a speedy pace. Bart just wandered of and muttered what must of been 'Bye' and pondered his long day.

Melanie left his shoulder and smiled to him. She then put one hand on his shoulder then the other through his hair and kissed him. The first kiss.. Percy's mind pulsated with thoughts and what was happening, he just let the moment take them away. The kiss broke and they held hands a walked back home, to sleep and dream... Little did they know what would happen the day after...

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