Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


4. The God and his Secret..

The group kept together, but Ttina lead her horse keeping beggars at bay, a few of them pulled out tiny knives, Bart sorted that out when his huge war hammer came crashing down on their heads. Ttina's spear was held like a javellin when a man in the distance threw a huge knife towards them. Sebastian jumped in front with his shield and it bounced of like it was made of plastic. Ttina threw her javellin and it knocked the mans knife out of his hand. Percy fired three arrows at once and they pinned the man to the tree. Melanie somersalted and landed next to the man, knife to his stomach. Bart let his hog ram the man and his leg cracked and he sqwawked in pain.

''Face me!'' Ttina shouted. The mans head edged towards the girl and spat in her face.

''SCUM! Rich scum!'' He murmured. As he talked and mumbled, Ttina wiped the spittle off her face and headbutted the man, he was out cold.

''Off we go again..'' She mumbled. She jumped back onto the horse and cantered, the gang sprinted spitting on the bandits body which was full of bloodstains and scars.

The forest was ignored on the way through, they wanted the tribe member and to save the forest. Then they would live normal lives.


Melanie felt the cool vial of phoenix tears on her neck. She held it and swished the contents. She loved the thought of a substance so magical it could cure anything. Fascinating.


When they came to the light at the other end of the forest, it was like literal chaos. Fires burnt the lucious green grass, a beautiful mountain range was bellowing out lava and rivers where full of dead fish. The only thing that seemed to be alive was a gigantic dragon..

It's scales a sparkling crimson, it had an aura encircling it, like a mass of power roaring to get out! It's gold eyes searched the chaotic plains to find its next prey. It's wings curled around its head that roared angrily as it saw them, smoke and glittery powder barrelled out of its snout.


The gang prepared their weapons and stared at the fierce dragon. 

A man in a chariot zoomed down from the sun which layed past the forest, near the village. Noon. He had a bow and threw rocks that seemed to be on fire at the reptilian creature. Arrows whistled. The dragon roared with pain and anger, and fell to the ground and dissipated into the earth. The chariot landed gracefully and a man in battle armour and a flaming aura leaped out.

''I'm Apollo, otherwise known as Hercules. I, in other words, am the God of the Sun, Poetry and Bows.. Pleased to meet you!'' Said the quite handsome man...

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