Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


5. The Forest and its Saviours..

''Good Morning!'' They said, bowing. The god shook his head and laughed.

''No need to bow, children! You deserve to be bowed at, you are the one who came to find me.. When there is a dragon hear! Immortalisation would be worthy to you!'' He laughed. He lead them to his chariot and they hopped on. The chariot started to levitate and then it accelerated to the centre of the forest and landed gently. Seb's face looked like he was going to puke, but he waddled off, holding his stomach. Ttina put her arm aroound him and they both went green together. The others stepped off with enthusiasm and followed the sun god to a marble table that stood a metre high, full of a murky blue water. The others gathered round and noticed a ring of fire around the edge of the bowl. It was where the god was touching.

''Persetheus Ssave, in the past, I blessed you with the skill of archery, now you have mastered it: I bless you once more. From the flames of my hand to the poetry in my heart, I give you the skills I posess, for you shall be the leader of Cavelloys some day.. Do not underestimate yourself. Do not be changed by others. Stay with your bow and the flames forever!'' He announced, placing Percy's hand in the water. A minute later, Percy took out his hand and said:

''What should I do, Lord Apollo?'' He asked.

''Click your fingers, Percy..'' He replied. Persetheus did as was asked and a flame enveloped his hand, it didn't burn or hurt, it just felt warm. He flicked his wrist and it flew at Apollo, he blew it out.

''You have a leader now, children.. Listen to him and save the forest and Cavellous! I leave Melanie Castellan a gift from Demeter, goddess of the harvest: A single seed from her garden. Kill the bandits then plant this in the forest ground, all of the wildlife will be restored.. Good Luck, Mortals!'' He wished, fading into the sunlight.


Melanie stuffed the seed into her pocket and sighed.

''I guess we better get fighting, the camp is to the west of here, I saw it on the way in.'' She told the gang. Once again, the group of trusted children with drew their weapons and marched to the west. They're animals screeched battle cry's.

A fire burned ahead, tents towered over bushes and laughs and jeers filled the air. The group waited and Percy summoned a flame and threw it into a tent and it went up in three metres tall flames. Ttina's spear readied as a fat bloke with a trident ran towards her. She thrust it down and pole volted over his head and his trident stuck into the tree. Seb's sword sliced his stomach and he fell to the floor. Another man with a goatee ran towards Bart who was breaking a skinny man with his warhammer. Persetheus saw it, he notched an arrow and sent it spiralling and the man, it stuck in his shoulder, he looked at the blood and passed out. Melanie charged into the camp and took down a man who was trying to find his axe. Ttina charged with her horse and speared a tent which was hiding two cowardly fat men. Bart ran over and smashed the first one over the head and Ttina used the butt of her sword to knock out the other one. Percy engulfed himself in flame and set another tent alight which housed the disease. Hundreds of little scorpion like insects crawled in a deep bowl, glowing green. He set fire to an arrow and left it in the bowl, for them to be killed. the gang assembled in the centre of the camp. Smoke billowed from the ground. A devasting place in the forest.

''I know! The phoenix tears, use some of that.. It can heal anything!'' She said.

''Will it work?'' Replied Bart.

''I don't know its worth a try!'' She said, ripping the vial from her neck. She uncorked the vial and let a drop fall to the ground beneath her. A minutes past and nothing happened. She turned around to leave but..

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