Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


6. The Emperor and his Men..

The grass started to grow green from the charcoal black. Flowers began to grow and bloom, trees seemed to look tall and proud from a crooked and poor state. The smoke turn to fresh air and the rubble from the tents seemed to disappear. The gang stood in shock.

Orders from a man dressed in chrome armour came from behind them, near the forest entrance. Seb noticed why he was shouting, a tall muscular man stood towering above the gang. The guards produced crossbows and loaded them.

''FIRE!'' Yelled the armoured leader, producing his own spear. Ttina's dad. The children ducked and turned. Bolts flew at the speed of light towards the man but he blocked them with his shield, a two by two metre piece of tree bark. In his other hand was a club made out of oak wood. The gang leapt backwards as his club swung for them, it crashed down a guard that hurried forward to save them. Ttina's father ran towards the man his slim body cutting through the air like a knife through butter. His spear rose and struck the beast of a man in the stomach and he lurched forward. He raised his club for the final time and- KAFLUNK a bolt shot towards the man, in his neck. Seb reared up his horse and sliced away at the beastly man. He was finished. But one last enemy remained.


Creatures of the earth climbed from the mud and grew claws and... Swords? They ran for the emperor but they where too late. Percy raised his bow and sent a flaming arrow into the ground around the leader. The monsters backed away and some fell over as a ring of fire engulfed the close-by creatures. The emperor was safe but the children were not. Seb thwacked one with his shield then sliced another ones' head off. Bart sent his hog to attack and smashed them to pieces while Melanie ran to plant the seed before the forest was destroyed.


They nearly killed my father. I shall send them to hell!

Thought Ttina. She went into battle frenzy.

Her spear impaled the nearest creature and she slammed the butt of it back into the one that was just behind. She kicked the one that jumped for her and threw it into the fire bubble her father was standing in, it turned to ashes. Seb was fighting away.. Adorable... she thought and she ran towards him to help.

The emperors men fired more bolts and as they were flying, Percy set them a light. Little balls of earthy flame ran around while Bart hit them like golf balls. They dissapeared like they were being grabbed by invisible hands.

The flames around the emperor died. He grinned at Perseteus Ssave and started to clap..

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