Bow's and Arrow's

A story about a boy who grows into an Archer and the soon to be leader of the Cavellous army..


8. The City and its Loss..

The smell of fresh flowers and dew in the morning was replaced by smoke and ozone. Screams and roaring flames replaced the birds tweeting.

Percy awoke and pulled on his clothes and grabbed his bow to inspect what was happening. His parent were already outside putting out fires and clearing dead guards. The flames were to big to be put out by regular people, but Persetheus wasn't normal. He stepped into the muddy courtyard and cast his arms back powerfully. The flames disappeared in an instant. Everyone turned around and saw Percy. They gasped and muttered. But before anyone said anything a ball of blew energy shot to the Earth and swirled in front of Percy.

''Your petty kingdom has fallen at our feet... Your emperor is dead, along with your guards.. The emperor's family has been captured, the empress and a little girl, Ttina..'' It spoke, as it said Ttina's name, Seb's face whirled with anger. ''We will kill you all and destroy the world.. Sparing no one.. I am your killer: Polybotes.'' The voice announced.

Persetheus thought about Polybotes' speech while the orb dissipated and sent a shiver down everyones spine.

 Wait a second! That means I could be Emperor, not yet, surely?! He said when I'm older.. Not one day older..? Percy thought.

The city had a certain macabre atmosphere about it. Widow's cried at lifeless bodies and smoke encircled the castle walls and the wounded were treated under the great looming shadow of a mourning castle. Melanie ran to Percy and cried in his arms, her father had died protecting the Emperor. She stayed in his arms for half an hour and then she just ran and ran into the forest. Percy shouted:

''Hey! Come back! You know I'm here for you! Come back!'' He ran after her.

                                                                                           Barts PVO *** Bart's PVO

He saw the ball of energy shout about some kind of apocalypse, but he didn't believe it. No way was the Emperor dead the day after he had met him. His fathers friend, a family friend, dead.. He helped clear the village of dead and fire, he helped his father craft the Emperor's coffin. A grand thing encrusted with the finest emeralds and rubies, plated with imperial gold and lined with silk inside. Perfection... When his father had to go to the castle, he headed outside. Nobody was outside except from guards that had recovered and resumed their duty. He wandered to the meadow and sat. He saw figures in the forest ahead, sat calming each other. Percy and Melanie, he guessed.

Here he was, alone, with not even his father: A happy and quite chubby man who wished well but had extreme tendencies to break things with his enormous hands. Seb strolled over and flopped to the ground next to Bart.

''We're alone, traded for a girl we met yesterday and a demon named Polybotes.. Fun!'' Seb said, nudging Bart.

''Yeah.. At least them two lovebirds are happy.. But.. I love Ttina, nobody may know but I truly do! Now she's gone, I could of been there, but I was being selfish! Asleep.. While she was stolen from me..'' He cried, tears rolling down his cheek.

''Ahhhhhh.. Pull youreself together, I have as feeling war is approching.. Slowly but surely.. It'll tear us apart! Dividing civilisation: We need a leader!'' Bart replied.


Suddenly, a voice boomed from a tower that towered above the whole of Cavellous:

''I would like to call certain people to the last Will and Testament of the Emperor, Sries Forthemtude. Here are the names of them:..'' It called, a list of names of political leaders and family and friends, all rich were read out.

''And... Persetheus Ssave.. Thank You..'' It finished. Percy stood up in the forest staring in shock.

Bart and Seb ran to him, the forest producing a short shadow. Noon.

''Oh.. My.. Gods..'' They said in time with each other...


                                            ...THE END...


So, I hoped you enjoyed my story! Please feedback in the comments but I'd like some more from you:

A few ideas of what I should write next!

Instead of YOU asking the question: What'll happen next? I will assure you that in the near future I WILL right a sequel.


For now, give me your ideas and feed back..

Thank You,

Scott Rutherford.

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