Why me?

My Entry :) Hope you all likey!


2. 3 years later

Jamie ‘Jay’ Lawson stood silently in the graveyard. He came here for many reasons. He passed his grandfathers grave with respect, and laid down some fresh flowers. He carried on walking through the graveyard, but stopped at one particular grave. Harvey Alexander Moores died at age fifteen, on the 6th April 2009. Jay couldn’t even look at it without blinking tears of guilt. He remembered the last stare Harvey had given him. He trembled. It was a stare of defeat, but also of fear. Jay began sobbing, and rubbing his eyes.

“If only I had known of his condition. . .” Jay started, “If only I had known.”

Jay disciplined himself for being so weak, and crying every time he walked past. The guilt was unbearable.

“I hope nobody ever makes my mistake again…” he said out loud, and looked up at god.

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