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1. Time to expect a problem

My heart was beating quickly. Time was running out, I had to get there before them. I scrunched my eyes up in pain, letting the cuts from past days burn into me. I didn’t know what they wanted from me, and why. Jay Lawson was the most popular kid at school, why did he need to pick on me? What did I have that he didn’t? I swiftly ran to the front door of school, hoping they wouldn’t follow me. Just as I put my hand on the handle, a hard and sarcastic voice rang into my ears.

“Hmm. Nice hair,” it sneered.

Jay was standing there, arms crossed, with his ‘gang’ behind him.

I touched my hair self-consciously. A heavily built boy tried kicking me, but I dodged and ducked under them, it was a good thing I was small.

“Get him,” Jay’s nasty voice stung the air.

I sighed and shook my head. I’d been through this enough. But nonetheless, I ran into school like a loose chicken. People looked up at me and stared, and just simply watched as Jay and his gang chased after me, not really knowing what to do. Jay growled and muttered a few inappropriate words. I smiled, not happily, but amusingly to myself. I cursed as I realised where I’d been running to. Mr. O’Connell came out of his classroom quickly, an angry expression pressed onto his face.

“Registration is in fifteen minutes boys!” he said exasperatedly, “What was all that noise?”

“Err; we were just helping Harley with his football skills!” Kai, one of Jay’s friends said quickly, whilst spinning a football.

“Glad to hear that, but please go outside,” Mr. O’Connell sighed and shut his classroom door.

I didn’t bother telling Mr. O’Connell the truth, because he would never believe me, and there was no point. I was the boy who didn’t like football; I was the boy who painted in his free time. Jay nudged his gang and they shuffled off together into the school playground. It was getting tiring. I hadn’t even bothered to count the numerous cuts and bruises on my arms and legs. I stood on my own for what felt like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. I stood thinking, half sleeping and half dreaming. Then, out of nowhere, a girl named Fern, I think, stood in front of me. She traced the cuts and bruises on my arms. I quickly drew my arm away, terrified.

“Are you scared?” she asked me questioning.

I looked at her puzzled, why was she asking me that? And how did she get here so quickly? I hoped she hadn’t seen the scene before.

“No!” I replied indignantly.

“Are you scared of Jay? I saw what they did to you! You need to tell an adult.”

A panicked look struck my face.

“No way! I’m not scared of Jay!” I scrunched up my eyes. I wasn’t scared of Jay, I was telling the truth, but I was scared of what my mum would do if she knew about him and what he did to me. Oh honey! You should have told me! She would say. I scowled slightly.

Fern shrugged and then vanished again. I blinked. I wondered whether to go to the nurse or not, maybe I was seeing things. The problem was… I liked school. It was safe, and you could just fit in there (well, most of the time), unlike at home. There were teachers (who honestly did nothing), but the fact of them just being there was comforting. School had no idea about my home, and what I did outside of school, that’s the way I wanted it to be. I felt myself burning hot, and then falling below zero degrees, my face turning deathly white. I took in a deep breath and held onto my inhaler tightly. Why did I always do this? Whenever I thought about home I had to take my inhaler. My inhaler was my life saver. I just didn’t want Jay to find out. If he found out about my asthmatic condition, my life was over.


I sighed as the last bell rung in my ears. It was time to go home. I had to walk twenty minutes to get to my house, and once I got there, I would have to listen to my wonderful Stepfather talk about his amazing life and his terrific sons. I grimaced and grinded my teeth. I put it out of my mind, and tried to focus on getting home. But as soon as I started to walk, I was abruptly pulled back. I rolled my eyes and turned around.

“Hey short-,” Jay was cut off, but not by a word.

I swiftly and deftly punched him in the cheek. Whilst I was looking at my hands in awe, Jay was muttering on about death and payback.

I turned to look at him. There was a black mark where I had hit him, and I was pretty sure he had a nose bleed. I took a few steps back, in shock, and looked at my hands again in disgust. I was many things, but I never knew strong was one of them. Then, without notice, Jay hit me in the ribs. After that I just remember the world going in slow motion, Jay laughing and poking fun at me. It was as if time had stopped. My breathing got so ragged and sharp that I couldn’t even shout for my inhaler.

“Hey! You! Stop that!” a high pitched voice cried.

It was Fern.

The heavily built boy looked ever so slightly worried, “Jay, he looks kind of ill”.

But Jay kept on laughing and tossing his head.

“Jay! Put it off man! The dude can’t breathe!” another voice shouted. 

Jay then stopped and looked at me. I stared at him. We stared at each other for a long time; I was burning my eyes into his, a real death glare. Fern cried slightly.

“He needs his inhaler!”

“How do you know that?”

“It doesn’t matter! Where’s his bag?!” Fern began rapidly and hysterically searching for my inhaler in my bag.

My eyes flickered slightly as she gave it to me. I pushed it away, it was over anyway. I muttered thanks, and then glared into Jay’s eyes once more. Fine. You win, my eyes declared. Then they shut and I heard crying. It wasn’t from Fern though, it was from Jay.

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