The Broken Glass

Neptune still can't believe what happened two years ago.She see's the truth on a piece of glass.She has a secret a horrible secret.


1. The Broken Glass

Nobody knew what happened.They thought it was a accident but only i knew.I stare at myself on the broken glass she was a monster i was a monster.They thought i was crazy only i knew the truth.

It was 2 years ago,i had been shipped to boarding school for years by my horrible parents.When i got shipped back it was for a reason to see who would i marry in a few years.I guess all the horrible stuff turned me into a monster.When i came home i ran to my room to see everything had changed all my friends had changed too.No one wanted me just my baby sister.She was a princess to them i was a burden.I loved my sister everyone did but nobody loved me.No one had to tell me they didn't want me i just knew.I always wished i wasn't born and i could wish that day never happened.

"Neptune get the scrapbook we have to store your sister's photo"my mother had asked me.I had gone to the kitchen but got a piece of glass instead.I hid the glass behind me and walked back to my parents.

"Neptune where is the scrapbook you can't do anything right your hopeless"my father shouted at me.I pulled the glass and watched it shine in my hand.I pulled the knife into my dad nd out and watched him die.Then i looked at my mother she begged and pleaded me not to hurt her.I smiled and cut her neck.Watching her blood flow on the floor and seeing.

I killed them.

I killed my parents

I made my sister a orphan.

I am a murderer

I looked at the broken glass knowing that i couldn't change time.Whatever i had done was gone.I looked at the glass the same glass i had killed my parents.I let the glass into my body and smiled as the red blood flow ending my life.

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