The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


41. The Last Breath


What she saw utterly and completely shocked her. An old woman was staring right at her following her every move. When Snow White lifted her hand slightly, the woman did as well. Gray streaks of hair blended in with the black, the skin soft and saggy and filled with wrinkles. Lips that were once so full and red were now soft pink and small. Her frail body looked as if it could break at any moment, and as Snow White looked at her reflection dread filled within her. She looked just like her mother had.

Behind her stood the Queen, looking beautiful and healthy, still holding her arm around her neck. She wore a gown so gorgeous it stunned Snow White so much she could barely look away. What had she done to deserve this fate? Why would she herself be old and weak, being threatened to death by a beautiful woman, who was young and powerful.
No, she thought. I am as gorgeous, beautiful and young as Ravenna. And stronger.

With all her might, Snow White bent down her head, and surged forward. Ravenna lost her balance for a split second, and Snow White only used this as a distraction. Now that the Queen had no secure foothold, she grabbed her arm and twisted it backwards. Ravenna squealed in pain and fell to her knees. Quickly she checked her reflection and to her delight saw that she looked like herself again.
    A battle began shortly after this. Ravenna kicked and hit, but Snow White was quicker and sneakier. She fought dirty, biting Ravenna’s arm, ripping her hair. They were tangled together in a bloody dance, fighting until there were scratches and wounds all over their bodies. The room looked like a mess; glass, wood and artifacts were scattered all across the room as a result of their fight. But they were just getting started.

Ravenna charged toward Snow White, and threw her fist as hard as she could in the direction of her enemy’s jaw. She did not miss. The sound of a crack filled the room, so vile that it sent both remorse and bloodlust coursing through Ravenna’s body. She had finally hurt Snow White. She lay on the ground, her lower jaw completely broken and dislocated. For a moment everything went silent and pale, and Snow White couldn’t even hear her own breathing nor see her enemy. When she opened her eyes she was staring directly into the floor, her cheek touching it. She liked the coolness of it, as it soothed her jaw. She could taste the blood fill her mouth, and slowly rolled over on her back when she could feel again. Once she regained what little balance and strength she had left, a feeling of hatred so pure and intense settled within her. She could not describe her feelings toward Ravenna in that moment and she would not let them fade away in vain.
    Gradually she got to her feet, ignoring the blood rushing to her face, along with a pain that was indescribable. All that mattered was her enemy and the revenge that had to be taken care of.

In the meantime, Ravenna had gathered small weapons for when Snow White would begin fighting again. She could not just kill her maid lying on the ground like that. She wanted to see the light leave her eyes, and know that the evil that possessed that girl was gone forever. She would not let Snow White take the easy way out. She had to feel her own pain before she died.

I am ready for this, Ravenna thought as she held up a broken vase with pointy and sharp glass edges.

Snow White gathered the last strength she had and turned around so she was facing Ravenna. Blood spilt from her mouth and she looked as weak and pale as she possibly could. But nothing could stop her now. With a smooth and quick movement she moved toward the Queen, and before Ravenna could react Snow White had grabbed the broken vase from her hands and attacked.

In shock, Ravenna looked down at her chest where a warm red liquid was spilling from. The vase had been plunged into her chest. She could feel nothing other than her hearts beating. It was silent and quiet as she fell to the floor landing on her back. She felt nothing. Empty. Snow White towered over her, a triumphant smile plastered on her face.
She tried swatting at Snow White’s legs, but she knew there was no hope left for her. The only thing she could do now was to die with peace and dignity. Determined, she fixed her gaze straight at Snow White and let her head be still. She caught a glimpse of Snow White’s cold eyes before her succeeding enemy turned and walked away.

As Ravenna lay there she noticed the different colors in the ceilings of the palace. She had always been scurrying about, not noticing the small things in life. That was her biggest regret. Why hadn’t she spent every second with her children while she could, and why hadn’t she tried to heal her relationship with her husband?
    When she slowly passed away, regret filled her and she realized that it had not been the battle against Snow White that had killed her. It had been the excessive self-hatred and stress that had taken the last toll on her. She had killed herself.

And then, as her last breath was taken, Ravenna finally felt absolutely nothing and peace was restored inside her. She was free. 

End of chapter twenty seven
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