The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


46. The Hunt

A low humming started to sound from the organ in the church which was located only a building away from the mass Hall. The sweet and innocent sound spread across the many people listening, finishing off the end of the meal with a delicious dessert that consisted of chocolate from France, mixed into the batter of a crisp cake, layered with rich creams and thick marmalades.  
     Once the bells started ringing loud and clear, everyone knew it was time to go. Everyone participating in the service stood, listened to the music as the last tones flooded away and was substituted by the low murmurs of hundreds of people speaking to each other all at once. Hugs were given, goodbyes were said and soon enough the whole Hall was empty, except for the royal family and Snow White, who stood and waved at the citizens as they left the grand Hall.

    Seeing the sad look in the King's eyes, Snow White suddenly felt a flash of... what was it? Sympathy? Remorse? No. It couldn't be. She had come way to far to be stopped by something as simple as feelings. Snow White viewed feelings as something only weak people let their mind submit to. The human kind let their feelings control them far too much. She thought feelings should be ignored, and that you were sent to Earth for a reason. That reason should be your lifegoal, your only purpose to live. Feelings should have absolutely no role in that. 
     She was very close to fulfilling her goal. Her own heritage was disgusting, a shame to her, and finally she would show everyone how much more she was worth than her bloodline determined.      
     Shaking these thoughts out of her head, Snow White spoke softly and soothingly into the King's ears:
    "It has been a long day and Rosa should probably sleep soon. She'll be very tired tomorrow, if she doesn't get a good night’s rest. How are you feeling, dear James?" her voice purred.
     "Not well, I am afraid. I think I too should sleep soon." His eyes neglected to meet hers, as he suspected what she would say next.
     "Would you mind if I join you? I have been feeling a little strange lately, and I think we could both use the company of a fellow sorrower. The pain is too rough to bear alone." Snow White purred her voice silky like a kitten.
     Unable to register exactly what his former maiden was implying, the King suddenly felt very flustered. She had a good point, but he knew not what her true intentions were. He couldn't think of any arguments against her proposal, so James reluctantly agreed.
       "Very well. I shall see Rosa to sleep, and then we can meet by my chamber at a later hour." A satisfied smile broke onto Snow White's lips and after neatly saying goodbye to Rosa, she turned on her heel and started towards her room. 

    As the King walked somberly toward his bedroom anxiety began to seep through him and filled him more and more each time he drew a breath. He knew not exactly why...       No that was a lie. 
    Snow White would be spending the night in his chamber! He knew not why this troubled him so deeply. He still felt like he was in a relationship with Ravenna. 
     But Ravenna was gone now. 
     She was 

He still felt obliged to her and he still loved her. There was no doubt in his mind, that he still...that he couldn't... he simply loved Ravenna. James was afraid that now when he no longer had the option of her company, that he loved her more.
      Guilt gnawed his stomach so much that he felt like throwing up. Was he only telling himself that he loved Ravenna because the other option would be to dreadful and selfish now that she was gone?
     Troubled in his thoughts the King quickly summoned a maiden to help him get dressed into his sleeping clothes. Once she was about to leave he asked her with a cracked voice, his eyes clearly 
sad and broken:

     “Would you be so dear and find me some wine?”
With a pang of sympathy for the man in front of her the red-haired maiden nodded softly and rushed away to the kitchen to find her King a drink.

Meanwhile, Snow White’s mind was racing, She was no stranger in the arts of seduction at all, but suddenly she stood facing an issue. A part of her had suspected the King to deny her of sleeping in his bedroom. She was in a weird way almost surprised that it had been so… easy? Something felt wrong, as if her plan had failed and there was some obvious fault that she couldn’t quite place. It felt like she had been given an invisible thread that she had held on to for such and inexplicably long time, and suddenly she could no longer feel it or predict where it was heading.
    Shaking of her own anxiety Snow White instead focused on finding her most appealing nightwear that was nor too revealing or friendly, yet more sexy and allusive instead without leaving her undignified.
   Her opinion on the subject was to leave the greedy men wanting more with her having the choice of giving herself to them or not. That was the way it was supposed to be. The males were and should always be chasing and the females were always being given the choice of accepting or denying.               

    The King had to make the first mover or her plan would fail miserably. A woman should never have to make the first move or that would be considered desperate, and she was in no mood to be viewed as such a disgusting state of being.

Quickly Snow White refreshed her make-up by gently adding a mild red blush to her pale skin on the apples of her cheeks. She traced the top of her eye lines with a dark color, and used a mildly pinker lip treatment that was made from roses.
    She devoured her reflection and was satisfied to see her now perfectly sculpted features and her small pixie-like body in the mirror. Snow White was dressed in a black gown that was tightened on her chest and hips, but otherwise fell freely and loosely to the ground.
    Snow White lightly raised her eyes to check the time and was relieved to see that an hour had passed already.


Her hunt could now begin.

End of chapter thirty
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