The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


7. Second Chapter


Years passed and everything went smoothly. The kingdom had risen out of its ashes and the town was thriving. The King and Queen had learned much of their marriage, even though the King was still very distant. Ravenna still loved him, even when he pulled further away. They had learned to cope with each other.

But once the snow began to fall, something terrible happened. Until then, everything was fine, even though winter was coming. The villages had stocked up on food and supplies, that would be hard to get a hold on in the coldest months of the year.

Ravenna had gone into their majestic cabinet, looking for a special serum. Once she found it, she studied the exquisite bottle. It had a blue lid, made of glass, the same as the bottle itself. In it was a clear liquid, which was exactly what she was looking for. She snatched it, and almost walked into the King, as he was walking past.

“What have you got there?” James asked, curious as to what his wife was up to.

“Nothing, just some serum.” Ravenna held up the bottle, to show him, and hurried away.


A servant stepped into the kitchen and found the lifeless body of Charles Evans, the future prince. In his hand was a piece of fruit, an orange. His lips were blue and his skin pale. The dirt on his knees was there because he had been playing, that same morning. Upon seeing this horrible sight the servant screamed and ran off to tell everyone this shocking news.

Meanwhile Snow White, the Queen’s trusted servant, had gone to the King. She told him she had seen Ravenna sneak into the kitchen with something in her hand. Poison, she claimed it was.

“My wife did no such thing! How could you say that?” the King was shaken by this news. He loved his son, but the shock hadn’t settled into his heart yet.

“I would never make an accusation this serious, if I wasn’t completely sure. I saw her sneak into the cabinet, where you keep all your liquids. She left with a blue bottle, and she even showed it to you! Then later she left the kitchen, and ran into the garden.” Snow White answered, clearly believing what she was saying.

“This can’t be true. It must a misunderstanding! We have had our rough patches, through the years, but I do trust my wife. Why would she kill our son?”

“ Don’t you see? It’s the perfect set-up. Without Charles there to take the role as King, once you’re gone, guess who will control the Kingdom? Ravenna. She’s thirsting for power, and she’ll do anything to obtain it.” Snow White answered with a smooth edge, glad that she didn’t miss any of the rehearsed words.

A feeling of helplessness grew in the Kings stomach, as he turned cold inside. It all fit. He knew it was true, but he didn’t want to believe it. James asked his last question, desperately begging for a completely sane explanation.

“But why would she show me the bottle of said poison?” He looked up in the ceiling, tears threatening to fall over the edge, and down his face.

Snow White didn’t expect this question, but answered evenly:

“Ahh. She’s smart you see. If she had been sneaking around, suspicion would have risen, but being that bold, by showing you the bottle, no one would suspect her. But I saw it all, and I’m not telling you to hurt you, but the truth must be spoken. I hope I have not disrespected you in any way, but you needed to know.”

James nodded, solemnly taking in this piercing news.

“Thank you Snow White, you have been very helpful. You can go now.” He waved her off, before the tears came rolling down. Snow White bowed and left.

After hearing all this, the King was outraged. Sadness turned into anger the more he thought about it. His selfish wife had betrayed him, and ruined his family. He ran out the door, into the garden to find his her.

Ravenna knew nothing of the previous events, so when James came storming towards her, she didn’t know what was going on. She had been picking off the last fruits of the season, before winter consumed her beautiful garden.

“You killed our son! How could you do that?” Small water drops overflowed his eyes as he yelled the accusing words into the air.

“James! What are you talking about? Where’s Charles?” She tried running to the castle, but he caught her arm and held her back.

“He’s dead. So don’t you dare say you’re innocent, and you know damn well what I’m talking about!” His firm voice almost failed him. Ravenna was crying now. Her son was dead, and her own husband accused her of killing him.

“How could you say that? He’s our son. Why would I kill a member of our family?” Ravenna was sobbing uncontrollably as she said her next words.

“Who told you this?” she buried her face in her hands, even though they were filled with dirt.

“Snow White. She has always been us faithful, and today she showed what she’s worth. She confessed the wretched truth about you. I know what you’re up to. You only want power, and you’ve probably been planning this since you married me!” With those last words James stormed off, his whole body shaking from this sudden confrontation.

A feeling of betrayal, anger, and complete misery filled Ravenna’s stomach. She felt hatred towards the woman who had destroyed her family, and the fact that her husband believed her.

- End of chapter two.  

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