The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


35. Searching for Answers

When Ravenna woke up, her heart was pounding a million miles an hour. The dream had shaken her to her most inner core, and she nervously gulped as she opened her eyes.

Dead silence. She could hear nothing but the howling wind, whistling outside the window. Snow covered trees hovered outside, lighting up the room once again, with a bright and sharp glow. A faint memory of trying to escape, and some blue eyes near her face, resurfaced as she looked around. Beside her was a mahogany table, with floral patterns carved in the different drawers. The Queen’s stomach lurched as she saw a rose, in between the lilacs and tulips. She could not remember the specifics of her dream, but when she looked at the night stand, something inside her clicked. A sudden memory had flashed before her eyes, and it represented a petal falling to the ground. Why had it bugged her? She could only remember that she was scared out of her mind.

Mumbling to herself, Ravenna lifted her hand to her head and found that it was better than yesterday. Shakily she tried hoisting herself from the soft mattress and standing on her feet. It felt weird, after lying down for two days, and suddenly relying only on her two feet. Never had she felt as fragile in her life. Her legs hesitantly bore her forward, shaking in the process.

Ravenna reached for the post of the bed, trying to get her balance straightened out. Once her head stopped spinning she took a timid step forward and reached for something to grab. She found comfort in the bedside table, and thanked it for its presence.

Slowly she gained confidence in herself as she carefully stepped on the hard marble floor. When she made her way to the threshold, she looked from side to side before walking into the hallway that was occupied by no one. She knew she shouldn’t be seen by anyone, other than the person she was seeking. She had a feeling that if she was caught, they would send her back to her room. A memory of a nurse flashed through her mind, but no matter how much she searched she couldn’t go further than that. It was all dark. A scary revelation made her stop for a moment. ”They drugged me.” she thought to herself and somehow guessed that they would do it again, and even stronger this time, now that she was wandering about.

Ravenna knew what she had to do, but didn’t know exactly how to tackle it.

Snow White had been asleep for over sixteen hours in a row, but that had been due to the small doses of sleeping medicine they supplied her with, every few hours. The nurses had to return with the syringe, every now and then, and inject it into her arm, that would promise a safer and quicker healing.

What they didn’t know was that Snow White had stirred because the drugs were wearing off, about thirty minutes ago. It was also due to hunger, thirst, and that she had to move, even just a little bit to keep her system going correctly. It wasn’t anything she had decided for herself, or even knew, it was something her body was doing for her.

When Snow White opened her eyes, she was shocked. She couldn’t tell why, but there was an eerie silence, and she hated not knowing things. It made her feel in control, when her knowledge was up to date. It was the thing she could rely on herself for. The truth.

Yet even the simplest of things she should know about her situation, was long gone from her mind. Where was she right now? Why was she in a bed, with a tray of food beside her, and why did her head feel like someone was hitting it with a brick over and over again? Questions roused inside her, quicker than she could answer them. With the many mysteries came a sense of panic – something she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Usually nothing scared her; not the darkest of nights or the wildest of animals. She could handle them.

With a nervous feeling she looked through the corners of her mind. Her childhood was safely stowed away. That, she would always remember. Her education of becoming a servant. Secretly planning how she would overthrow the Queen. And putting that into action.

A memory she had suppressed, suddenly floated into her mind. A faint image of her giving a piece of fruit to Charles, watching him choke to death, before leaving his lifeless body behind her and going back to work as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Before a twinge of guilt could reach her gut, she snapped back to her current situation. Slowly she started thinking of the obvious things that she knew about herself, and still would know if she was dead.

“My name is Snow White. I live in the Palace of Vercorin. I am a servant. I killed the prince. I accused the Queen of doing so. I made the King believe me. Ravenna hates me. I was in the woods, searching for….Velvet stems. I found them. I had a lunch. It was a bun and… an apple. I was riding on a horse, with a man steering. It was the King. I am lying in a room I have never seen before.” Her mind jumped from fact to fact, leaving her more puzzled than she had been before. She couldn’t explain the things that had come to mind, yet she knew they were true. Once she had stated these facts, and gone through them all a couple of times, to determine if they were true, her thoughts kept returning to the apple. That perfect red apple. Why was it important? She knew she had only scratched the surface of the mystery, but she did not have the energy to dwell on it now.

Her stomach growled furiously, and in an attempt to sooth it, she tentatively sat up, using the wall behind her, as support. She reached for the food beside the bed and feebly laid it on her lap.

A small loaf of bread, a scarce bowl of mushroom soup, and a salad lay before her. Nothing seemed appetizing, not at all, but she had to settle her raging stomach. Ravenously she ripped the bread up in small pieces, dipped it in the soup, and gorged herself.

In just a few minutes, nothing but a crumb was left on her tray. Snow White wanted more, needed it, but she knew that she had to start off with a small dose. She could tell she hadn’t been fed a whole day, meaning her stomach would need time to adjust, after the neglect it had been through. Still she didn’t like the fact that no one was around to bring her some more, if she requested it. She felt utterly alone, in the empty room. Snow White lay down on the bed again, and closed her eyes. Her muscles felt weak, after using them to eat. Drained of energy from the effort, she comforted herself by thinking of the food that was now in her system, healing her body.

Just as she closed her eyes, a memory suddenly flashed before her. This image was clearer than anything she had ever seen before. It only lasted a second before she lost it, but that was all she needed. Occupied with this newfound information, she tried to extract every tiny detail from the picture she had seen.

It was set it the woods, clearly in the afternoon. The twisted trees occupied the background, while two people were centered in the middle. A man, wearing a red robe, and a golden crown, was leaning over a woman, lying in the ground. In her hand was an apple. She lay on her back, dressed in a set of clothes that was not fancy nor of poor quality. Her lips were as red as blood, her hair black as night and her skin pale as the snow she was lying in.  

Snow White was staring at a complete image of herself, something she had never experienced before, other than in a mirror or a lake. Why could she see herself from the outside? It was a funny sensation, looking at herself, from the outside looking in. Completely objective, it was like seeing things from a stranger’s point of view.


Snow White moved on to the next set of questions of the picture. It was clearly the King crouched over her, but what was he doing? Kissing her? She had no recollection of this, and pondered why he would do that.

A sinking feeling rummaged through her body as she felt the gnawing suspicion creeping into the back of her mind. She studied the apple for a moment, and observed there had been a bite taken out of it. She looked closer at her own lips and saw the faint silhouette of an apple, hiding in her mouth.


Everything cleared as she realized this. The King was saving her! But…from what exactly?

Growing with frustration, Snow White felt it would never end. Whenever she uncovered the truth of one thing, another mystery came into focus.

She racked her mind, looking into everything she could remember, every moment she had experienced, and every flicker of possibilities. When the truth finally dawned on her, she scolded herself for not noticing it before.

 A faint feeling of deja-vu overcame her, as she remembered the first time she uncovered the mystery. She was in pain. Doctors were surrounding her. She was lying in the same bed, as she was now. And she knew what had happened to her

Snow White’s subconscious had known all along, but had refused to open up the memories, even when she had needed them the most, to sooth her brain. Angry and tired, she tried to get sleep, but not before saying out loud, everything she had needed to know.

“The Queen poisoned me.” 

End of chapter twenty two

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