The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


34. Petals

 The rest of the day went by in a blur. When lunch had ended, Hunter and I received strange looks from basically every student in the school. It seemed like Hunter had gained a shrapnel of respect, because he had dared to stand up to Mark and Jack. That was good, yet a dangerous tactic at a new school.

We parted and went on to the rest of our subjects. History and Math was just as fun as always, with the boring teachers, and loud classmates.

When I came home I immediately retrieved my laptop from my backpack, and plugged in the charger. After the incident in the cafeteria I had forgotten about Ravenna, but when I thought about it again, the anger came straight back, as if it never left.

    To make the time pass, as my laptop slowly came back to life, I went downstairs, and made a hot cup of chocolate. I needed some sugar in my system, and the cold outside made it taste even better. The brown liquid warmed my throat as I walked up the stairs, two steps at a time.


I couldn’t hold my excitement in for much longer. I had to know what happened to Ravenna. While I opened the page I planned the next three days in my mind. I closed my eyes as I mapped it all out. I would finish this story, then begin researching if it was true, then start on the report and Power Point. I loved making them, but even after many years of talking in front of people, it still scared me. Especially since Mark and Jack had stirred up so much drama today. Evolving around me. I shook my head in exasperation since it was too much for me to bear. Why me? And why Hunter? Goddammit. They hung out with girls all the time, so why was it weird if I was friends with a guy? I did not need this right now. Not now, and not ever. I was quite nervous of what would happen tomorrow. But luckily it would be Friday, and after that I would be free from them. Quickly I put my hair up in a messy bun, took a deep breath, and opened my eyes, only to reveal chapter twenty one.


The next morning Ravenna awoke, shocked as to the pounding in her head. The room was alight with a strong white, cold nuance, blinding her eyes momentarily. Why was she in a clean sterile room? What had happened to her?

In an instant everything came rushing back. Snow White! She felt sick as she thought of the worst scenarios of what could’ve happened. She realized with dread that Snow White probably wasn’t alive anymore.

 Wait..but why hadn’t she gotten to the antidote? Confused, tired and looking for answers, panic rushed through her veins as the Queen realized that no one could’ve saved Snow White, but herself. Anger flashed through her in a red rage, pointed toward no other person but her. What had she done? In a fit she started thrashing around in the bed trying to get free from the many sheets covering her cold body. Ravenna knew what she had to do. She had to find out what had happened. She raised herself from the bed and a few seconds later she fell straight backwards and came crashing down on the soft mattress. When she had been standing, all the blood rushed to her head, and she was blinded, losing her balance. Her head was far from fine, was the only thought that came to mind.  

As Ravenna tried to calm herself, the voice in the back of her head silently spoke up. But it didn’t say what she expected.

“Why are you angry? Snow White killed your son and accused you of doing so. She is a murderer.” Tears welled in the Queen’s eyes as she thought of her son.

“But it still isn’t right to kill someone, even if they have done the same!” she yelled back at the devil inside her, trying to extinguish the flames licking her mind.

“Isn’t it? She has caused you nothing but pain, and now that you have done the right thing, you are regretting the only protection you could’ve given Rosa and maybe even your husband?” Silence. Guilt swept through her stomach as she thought of her precious little daughter. That was why she had decided to dispose of Snow White in the first place. The mother instinct inside her was siding with the devil, and she could do nothing but give into what they were saying. Although a pretty little angelic voice ruined the silence by saying four simple words.

“No one is evil. People can do bad things, but that doesn’t define them, does it? Snow White has done and made some bad decisions, resulted in your marriage falling apart, and the both of you feeling numb with sadness. What she did was wrong, but does that mean you have to do the exact same thing to her? Don’t let her win this game.”

Ravenna felt as though the thoughts sprouting from her mind did not belong to her. She could stand on the outside and watch the raging war inside her, as if it was somebody else’s problem. For just a fraction of a second she forgot that she was involved. It did not concern her. But then, of course, the mixed feelings of responsibility, anger, guilt and motherly instinct came rushing back.

A moan escaped her lips as the two parties yelled at each other, which was only something she could hear. Ravenna started rolling around trying to escape them. Why couldn’t she listen to her own words, voice and advice? Why did she have to listen to the devil itself and an innocent angel at the same time, confusing her even more than she had been before? She raised her hands to her ears to shut out the sounds but in doing so, they just grew louder and louder, until it was all she could focus on. A nurse entered the room, and looked at Ravenna with deep concern, making her brows furrow. Her eyes widened as she saw how distraught the Queen was, and ran out of the room. The nurse had been given special orders, that the Queen should stay as still as possible. But there she was, rolling back and forth on the bed, with a high pitched scream coming from the Majesty herself. She returned with some medicine, that she quickly injected into the Queens arm.

Instantly Ravenna’s eyelids were suddenly weighed down as if someone had pulled them shut. All sounds were numbed until they were only small mumbles in the distant. Quickly she drifted off to unconsciousness. Finally she had escaped her insanity, even for just a few minutes, in the blessing of sleep.


She dreamt of perfectly pink rose petals falling to the ground, landing in the whitest of snow, and each time they did, a loud thump reverberated through her ears. She wanted desperately to save the rose, before the cold and hard winter would wipe it away from existence, as if it was never there. It was all she could see, smell, hear and feel. With a sense of growing panic, she tried circling the rose, but an invisible barrier shot her back when she tried to touch it. An icy voice cut through the barrier, like the blade of a knife slowly making its way toward Ravenna. She fell to the floor as she heard the menacing words appear from nowhere. She could not escape them, or shut them out. It was as if they were targeting her, only to make her suffer.

“You can’t save anyone.” The voice felt like a dagger through her heart. She fell to the ground, blood dripping into the snow, ruining the perfect innocence it had bestowed seconds before. The pain passed through Ravenna’s body like a spasm, and made her gasp for air. Only four petals remained of the beautiful flower.

Nothing changed. Still lying on the ground she felt the warmth of her own blood soak through her clothes, staining the purple ball gown, with the many stitches and embroideries, that had been carefully manufactured. The one of a kind dress was being tormented as the body it was wrapped around, was slowly dying. Thump. Three petals.

”There’s nothing you can do.” The voice returned, only building another layer of pain that seared through Ravenna’s heart. Two petals.

“You can’t even save yourself.”

One petal.

End of chapter twenty one

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