The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


36. Mirror Mirror

Secured in the vast and safe realm of sleep, Snow White had a few moments of peace. You would’ve guessed her sub conscience was filled with fear, and her dreams would show hideous creatures wrapped in the darkest of shadows, but instead she saw white lights, that filled her with a peaceful bliss. The substance of the bright lights reminded her vaguely of snowflakes. They seemed to be floating in front of her, and as she reached for them, she fell forward over an invisible ledge.

Snow White was falling through the air, though it didn’t frighten her. Rocky walls surrounded her, and she reached out her hand to touch them. It was cold and unsmooth, but it was refreshing to touch, as if water had just cleansed her body. The light above shone through the whole tunnel, making it impossible to close her eyes; it was too intricate to miss even a second of its greatness. The walls looked crystalized, as if a million diamonds were gathered into one big barrier. Its presence was comforting; as if nothing could penetrate the strong tunnel and get to her, in any way. It was like a shield. Snow White squinted her eyes shut, and could vaguely make out something on the other side. It had a blue nuance and reminded her of a lake she used to visit as a child. A memory of an old and gnarled man, she was embarrassed to call her father, crossed her mind. He had told her once, of something he had called the ocean. Apparently it went as far as the eye could see, and was made entirely of water. She had already dreamt of its presence and excited herself by knowing she was there. She imagined thousands of peaceful waves, lapping the sand of the shore, momentarily making it wet. The water undulated softly, creating a perfect summer day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and she was swimming in the water. As thinking of this, imagining a peaceful life, in which nothing disturbing happened, and she could live by the sea, Snow White knew exactly where she was.  In the ocean, making her way down into the depths of the unknown blue.


She knew nothing would harm her in this beautiful place. The white lights turned out to be small puffs of smoke, emanating a soft beam from within, glowing up the tunnel as the light above grew smaller. Soon she couldn’t see it any longer, but was hypnotized by the walls. They had turned bright blue, and she could see the silhouettes of fish on the other side. It was truly a magnificent sight; she never wanted to leave. The small puffs had begun to glow in an extraordinary way. They switched from color to color, going through the whole rainbow, and then started over. As Snow White tried to touch one, it dissolved under the sudden pressure, and floated softly upwards, its beam now spreading light everywhere. It was actually quite dark in the tunnel now, but the ocean and the puffs made the atmosphere nice and cool. It felt like a big wave of reassurance.

Snow White knew nothing would happen to her, and too soon she landed gently on a soft bed filled with flowers of every sort. Comforted she scouted her new surroundings as she sat up, sinking further into the bed. It was warm and pleasant in the this new place, and again, the walls were white. The place was so pure and innocent, so white was the best color to represent that. Golden acorns occupied the room, and made small glimmers in the ceiling, and if one of them rolled one way, the lights followed. It was beautiful.

 Everything shimmered in Snow White’s vision, and without even noticing a laugh escaped her lips. She had not laughed in quite a while, so it was an incredible feeling to do so. Merry and satisfied, she stood up from the bed, her bare feet touching the soft, velvety carpet, and looked herself in the mirror. Snow White was dressed in the loveliest white gown she had ever seen. It was fluffy, yet smooth at the same time, and it was embroidered with the most intricate designs with small golden beads. Admiring herself she exclaimed powerfully, and commanding, talking to the mirror. Her set of tone contradicted the gorgeous paradise in which she was, but Snow White didn’t think of it like that. She believed she owned the safe haven, which was the happiest place she had ever set foot in. It had to be hers.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall.” She twirled around, like a foolish school girl, and fingered a strand of her black hair.  She shifted her weight to her right hip, and stood with an innocent posture, as if to fool the mirror. For a moment she thought of what she would ask, but before she knew it the words rolled naturally on her tongue, as if she had been born to say it.

“Who is the fairest of them all?” She added sweetly, yet it was caked with a thick layer of control. She knew the answer of the question she had just uttered. Or so she thought. When it spoke, a silver opaque layer covered the reflection, cutting off Snow White’s ability to stare at herself.

“You, my dear Snow White, have been the fairest. You were beautiful. Magnificent. Amazing. But look at what you have become. But the Queen has a heart of gold, which is something you have and never will possess. Therefore, she is a thousand times fairer than you. The hate inside you is clearer than anything I have ever seen. Take a look at yourself.” Its voice was deep and smooth, confident in its choice of words.

The silver layer disappeared, and Snow White was able to see herself. What she saw shocked her. What had happened to her beauty? Her cheeks were sunken, and the circles under her eyes were suddenly very prominent. Her hands looked withered, and not as strong as they were before. Her full black hair had become bleak and thin. Horrified, Snow White lifted her hand to her face and felt soft and thin skin, instead of her usual pale and complete complexion. Another thing had changed. Instead of wearing a white dress, she bore a maroon one, with black strands of silk.

Outraged, she yelled a retort at the taunting mirror.                 

“How dare you? I asked you an honest question and you have answered with a lie. I am not that ugly! You have tampered with the reflection.” She hissed the last word. “Now mirror, you must tell the truth. Tell me, what you have failed speak of the first time.” She grabbed the sides of the mirror, barely glancing at her vicious expression looking back at her. Snow White’s lips were curled, and her face was tightened. For such a young girl she looked quite old. Her menacing expression turned slightly amused as she got an idea. She slowly tightened her hands around the frame.. Her knuckles turned white by the strain, and her veins were visible, and quite noticeable. To her delight the edge laden with gold, turned slightly paler than it had been before.

“I will let go, if you tell me the truth. Now.” Her voice was filled with evil and amusement. She wasn’t used to not being in charge. It made her nervous, that she didn’t have the upper hands, as she usual did. So she did the only thing she could do. Took control.

The mirror sputtered for a moment, and sadly decided to follow her wishes, denying itself the death she would easily have delivered.

“Fine!” A less enchanting voice replied, and heaved for its breath as she let go of the place on the frame, that was the equivalent of a human’s neck.

“Only to please you, will I answer, because of my selflessness. You have no right to be in this Haven, and you wouldn’t be, unless I hadn’t brought you here. You should be thankful child, for you have done many evil things. This place is sacred, and the fact that a monster like you, have set foot in my realm, is deeply disturbing. What a mistake I have made! You should be grateful for what you have, or had, but instead you search for more. Nothing can ever quench your thirst can it? This is a special place that is close to Heaven, yet very much apart. I live here, and try to lead souls in doubt in the right direction. Well, you are clearly not going to change your mind, so I will tell you what I know about you.” The mirror’s outburst of anger only added to Snow White’s frustration.


“You didn’t answer my question.” replied Snow White and lifted her hands to her shoulders as a threat. Gently she wiggled her fingers and pulled her lips into a gruesome smile.

“Without my summoning, you would probably be dreaming of your future. And as for your threat, I do not care one bit. I have lived for thousands of years, helped many people that were astray, and done so that they were happy for the rest of their lives. I do not expect anything in return, but when people like you come here, and demand answers, and try to kill me, I take it quite personally. You will get a few answers as to where you are, only because you don’t deserve it, and then you will know that you have ruined it for yourself, to disgrace me in such a manner.” Stated the mirror sternly, and an icy edge had crept into its voice.

“First you must confirm that you tampered with me before – I will never look so… sullen.” She crossed her arms, as the mirror was not doing what she wanted. Actually only the opposite.

“I admit that you don’t look like a monster – yet. But know that if you continue what you are doing, that will be exactly what people will see you as, and if you live longer than that, you will become an old woman, who only bears hate in her heart, and her appearance shows the same thing.” Replied the mirror, the silvery layer becoming harder to see through, as its emotions grew.


“If you say so.” She said mockingly, although she felt a bit anxious. Her beauty was all she had. If it disappeared, no one would love her. No one would look at her. Determined to win over the mirror, she asked another question that had not been answered.

“And what may my future be?” said Snow White through gritted teeth, her fists clenched as hard as they could. Anger boiled within her, as nothing was going as planned.

“I have a clear image of what that may be,” chuckled the mirror. “If I search my mind I can conjure up a clear image of you in it. Can you guess where you are?”

The mirror’s fluent use of sarcasm made Snow White’s blood boil with resentment.

“Why don’t you tell me?” She responded, poison seething in her words.

“You are engulfed in fire, and surrounded only by red. You are in your rightful place in this world. You will rot in the raging torture of Hell, when the good Lord takes you away. You will live in complete destruction, caused by no other person than yourself. You will only be released when your namesake returns for you. It will snow on the hills of Hell before you ever leave that wretched place. But as far as I’m concerned, that will never happen. That is your future my dear, dear Snow White.”

Those were the last words the magical mirror ever spoke, for Snow White could not contain her hatred any longer. With a swift movement and a guttural roar fleeing her pretty red lips, the mirror was thrown to the floor and was shattered into a million pieces. Glass flew everywhere ruining the perfect surroundings.

“And you,” breathed Snow White, her body rushing with a mixture of bitterness and adrenaline, “will regret that you ever challenged me.”

Silence filled the air, except for a snake like whisper that was barely audible. She shuddered as the strong voice crept its way into her ears, only meant for her.

“There is no turning back now. You have sealed your future. I will take my revenge, in a way you would never expect. Know that you could have treated me with respect, and lived in Heaven. But that’s just a dream now, isn’t it?”

She awoke with a start, her heart racing faster than she had ever experienced before.

End of chapter twenty three

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