The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


40. Magic


A million thoughts surged through Ravenna in the second she opened the door. She had never been so nervous in her life. Before, the biggest worry in her life was whether Snow White was alive or not. Now, it was the exact opposite. If Snow White was indeed alive, that would mean Ravenna had no chance of ever regaining the Kings' trust or the Kingdoms' for that matter. Snow White would win, and the proof against Ravenna would be too much to overcome. The Queen admired her own stupidity and wondered how she never thought of it that way. All those days of planning, thinking, regretting and guilt slowly forming in the pit of her soul, was for nothing. Nothing. She almost broke down in tears because now, all that could save her would be if Snow White was dead. And Ravenna did not know what could be expected. It all came down to this moment.

The life or death of Snow White would determine the Queens' fate.


Ravenna's heart skipped a beat a beat and everything stopped. Her mind filled with only emptiness and darkness as she looked into the eyes of the woman who had ruined her life. Snow White. She couldn't speak and she could hardly breathe. She just stood there, to stunned to move.

Snow White had anticipated this moment, and was of course the first one to speak.
"Well well. If it isn't our one and only, ‘innocent’ Queen" She pouted her lips and spoke sympathetically as if Ravenna had trouble understanding her. But the Queen understood her clearly. Her heart was racing, blood pulsing.

Fuming with cold blooded rage, mostly coming from the realization that there was nothing she could do to prevent Snow White from succeeding, Ravenna replied icily, the words seething in her mouth like venom.

"Snow White. Oh, you're the prettiest one, aren't you? The one everyone adores, with the sweet smile, and long eyelashes. You're the one who's mild yet caring and small, but strong. But they don't see what I see!" The Queen edged forward like a cat; swift and gracefully, yet threatening. She pointed her hand at Snow White as she continued.

"You are a manipulative tramp! You have not only murdered my son, but convinced my husband that it was I who did it! You have broken my family to pieces, leaving only hate and distrust!" Tears were welling in the Queens eyes, but her voice did not waver. This, Snow White thought, was not normal for the Queen. She was usually so weak, but suddenly she seemed so strong and vicious.

"You have destroyed everything I care about, everything that I held close! Snow White, you have killed an eight year old boy! And for what? To be Queen? Is that it? Is that what you want? Fine! I don't care! All I care about is my family, whom my life is owed to, and you of all people have managed ruined that privilege.

And that is why you cannot fulfill what it takes to be Queen. You are a selfish, lying and a pathetic human being, and anyone who falls for your convincing facade should be warned. If you want to rule a country, you must know what it means 'to give'. It is not about power - no - it's about caring about other people! And I know that that is a gift you will never possess." The Queen was closer now, advancing steadily. She was unforgiving, her mind running high on adrenaline.

Snow White had been taken aback by the sudden speech, and was shocked to find that some of what Ravenna said had scared her. But she had come too far to give up, and as fast as the mask broke down, it reappeared, more confident than ever.  A smile spread across her lips, and Snow White began to laugh merrily, as if the two of them were having a nice chat over a cup of tea.

"Are you done with your speech?" was Snow White's only answer to what Ravenna had told her. She even yawned, just for the theatrical thrill of it. The Queen clenched her jaws and thought. She didn't need to think long, before a barely audible whisper was heard in the back of her mind.

"Show her the true form of what she is."
"Take her by surprise."
"The mirror."

Ravenna thought she had gone crazy, until she decided she could not be in a worse state of mind than she already was. She smiled convincingly at Snow White, trying to show the same deadly confident sweetness as her enemy, even though she had no plan. Spontaneously a small thought formed in her mind and the Queen knew that she had no other choice.
     Using the element of surprise Ravenna grabbed Snow White by the wrist, and quickly brought it behind her back, so she could not move her arms. Before the shock settled, Ravenna pushed Snow White towards the wall - or the mirror. She had no idea if her plan would work, but she knew that she had to try. She locked her arm around the Snow White’s neck so she could not move, despite her efforts.

Maliciously Ravenna whispered into Snow Whites ears the following phrases which would be written in the history books to be remembered forever.

"Skin White as snow. Lips red as blood. Hair black as night. Find me my dear, dear Snow White."

In the reflection of the mirror Ravenna saw a crazed woman, choking a young maiden, maybe five years younger than herself. If she could have seen this version of herself just one month ago, she would have never believed it. But this was who she had become. This was what she was. She grinned at the mirror as a way to reassure that it was her, and was thrilled to see that the reflection smiled back. The anger inside her flared as she glanced at Snow White and was actually satisfied with the strong look in her own eyes. Ravenna was not weak. She was as strong as Snow White, and the power was refreshing. She loved to know that she could take a stand and stop the madness. She knew that hope was not lost. She could still win.

Then again, the voice whispered in her head telling her exactly what to say. It was as if this voice knew how to break Snow White.

In a forceful manner Ravenna followed the instructions she had been given, and spoke the same words she had heard in her mind.
“Well Snow White? Do you wish to know what you really look like? Ask the mirror.” She tightened her grip and coughing, Snow White did as she was asked.  

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?"

Ice seeped through Snow White’s veins. For the first time she considered the possibility that her plan might fail. Here she was, in front of a mirror, held in a death grip by her enemy that was supposed to be convicted by now, and she could not escape. She was horrified by what the Queen had just made her say as her last encounter with a mirror did not go so well. She had no idea how Ravenna could know about this, so she tried to think of it as a coincidence. But she still couldn’t shake the feeling off, that the mirror had something to do with this.

I will take my revenge, in a way you would never expect.” The words echoed in her mind as she gazed into the mirror since she couldn’t look away.

The same voice now filled her mind, uttering words that angered her so much, she nearly started shaking.

“Your beauty compares to no other.
But deep inside you are frail, just like your mother.
Nothing can ever quench your thirst for power,
but grows and grows, much like a tower.
The Queen is innocent, gentle and kind.
Unlike yourself, so hating and blind.
She has done no harm, no wrong
while you have been planning this for oh so long!

The Queen is much fairer than thee
You cannot question this; you must agree.”

End of chapter twenty six
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