The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


44. Hope

I couldn’t comprehend this. I was glad Ravenna had had a beautiful ceremony and that people finally respected her. That’s the sad part, isn’t it? People only remember you when you’re dead. I was just so disappointed that the citizens had realized too late how great their Queen was. Their silence had taken its toll on her. At least Snow White had gotten her one and only wish come true. Now all she needed to do was become the new Queen, and then Ravenna truly would have died in vain. It just blew my mind that evil could win in the end. What happened to happy ever after?
     Why do good people pay the price and hold the weight on their shoulders? I just didn’t want this to happen to myself. Not literally, but work really hard, and then be beaten in the end by my nemesis. I believed that good things happened to those who deserved it, but now it just seemed like you couldn’t believe in karma at all. And that is what scared me.

I decided to take a small break and absorb everything for a moment. Putting on some music, I started cleaning up my room with countless thoughts swirling around my head.

    How did Ravenna know that Snow White’s biggest fear was the mirror?
    Will Snow White become Queen?
    How will the King ever find about this?

    How did this happen?

I looked at my watch and found out it was about 9 o’clock. Just to get my system started again after sitting down for such a long time, I started dancing around, singing along to the song playing. There was just too much to think about with both the story and my life. Trying to put Hunter, Mark and Jack, my father and Snow White out of my mind, I put the music on full blast. It was actually helping. There was no room in my mind to think of anything else than the sweet tunes embracing my thoughts and wiping the fear away.
    For now.

My short and sweet session of happiness ended when my mother knocked on my door, asking me to turn the music down a little since she was going to bed. She looked very worn out and a bit sad. She had this broken look in her eyes. As I noticed this I wanted to make her feel better.

   “Hey mom?” I asked just as she was about to leave.
    “Yeah honey?”
    “Sleep tight,” – I walked over and hugged her – “I love you.” I added with a squeeze. After a moment I felt her return my embrace and we stood there for a while.
    “Love you too, Raven.” When she left her eyes seemed a little clearer. I hoped I had helped.
    When I sat down in my bed once again I saw something that made my heart beat a little faster. Hunter had written me a message on Facebook. The thing about Hunter was that he could be my only chance of a friend. And even that seemed impossible. I wanted a friend so bad, but seems like I just couldn’t figure it out. It made me nervous that it may finally be happening, but I didn’t dare hope for it.

    “Hey, how’s it going?” Hunter had written.
    “Pretty good. Working on my project. You?”
    “Same. You know what just happened?“ This made me curious.
    “No – what?” I answered.
    “Jack just basically threatened me.”

 I nearly started coughing. Threatened?
     “What did he do?”

I waited in anticipation.
      “ ‘Don’t you even think about embarrassing my friend again, punk. It’ll only end up worst for you.’ That’s what he wrote. Can you believe it?”
      “Barely! What did you reply?”
     “‘I hardly did the embarrassing, Jack. He did that perfectly on his own.’”
I laughed so much when I saw this. We chatted a bit more about how stupid Mark and Jack were. Apparently Jack hadn’t answered Hunter when he wrote the comeback.

Hunter really did make me laugh, which was something I didn’t do often. He just seemed so happy and free, even though he wasn’t. I just hoped I someday could call him my friend.

    That would be so great.

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