The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


23. Guilt


I didn’t know myself. What would I do if that was me? I think I would die of guilt, but do anything to protect my child. That reminded me of my mother, and in an instant I felt sorrow. I shouldn’t have snapped at her like that, but I still wanted to make my point. Slowly I raised my sore and croaking body from my blankets, completely entwined with my legs, and walked across the cold wooden boards. I gently opened the door and sneaked down the hall, relieved that my feet were no longer touching the cold floor, but were now cushioned under a carpet.

When I arrived at my destination I shakily knocked on the door, as I could hear the choked sobs of my mother.  

“Come in.” she answered barely audible. Smoothly I opened the door and saw that she was sitting on her bed crying, looking at old photos of my dad.

“Are you okay?” I asked her and hugged her, while she dried her eyes.

“Yeah,” she tried to inhale some air, but ended up gasping instead. “It’s just…I miss him so much, and I know you do too, and I hate seeing you so upset, because I love you so much and..”

“Shh mom, it’s okay. I’m not mad at you, and I understand why you defended him, ‘cause you don’t want to mad at him. But we do have a right to be.” I stroked her hair as the salty tears springing from her eyes landed on my shoulder.

“I know.” with trouble she heaved a big gulp of cold oxygen into her lungs. “We’ll be okay, honey.”

We sat there, embraced, me stroking her blonde wavy hair, my mom crying softly into my dark green sweater. It felt nice in a way. It was different. I had never comforted my mother that way. It was nice to feel…needed.

“Raven.” She looked lifted her head and looked straight into my eyes. “I love you.”

“Love you too, mom.” I murmured and we sat there for an hour, cuddling. We needed it, both of us. The love that had left us when dad left, was slowly returning. 

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