The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


31. Giving up


An invisible force suddenly weighed on the Kings shoulders. He did not know what to do or say, as this excruciatingly accurate assumption had unraveled in his mind. Even though he did not care to think of her in that way, James did still love his wife in some ways, no matter how hard he tried to strangle his surfacing emotions. Before any of this had happened, he had been distant and far away from his family. But in a strange way he felt drawn closer to companionship after the passing of Charles. The King regretted the fact that he had not been a caring father. He should’ve made the space and time to bond with his son. He sighed exasperatedly as a feeling of helplessness overcame him. He felt like sinking down into a deep dark hole, with no touch of humanity or memory haunting him. James wished he could be alone, never to be disturbed by anyone and least of all, his own thoughts and problems.

Snow White had miraculously healed and the shock of her near death had not yet left the beleaguered King. Before that had happened, he still hoped deep inside that Ravenna hadn’t been the cause of Charles’ death. But now that Snow White had clearly been poisoned and in the woods for that matter, only proved that his wife was a maniac. James looked for a reason to do commit to such treachery, and the answer came faster than he had hoped.

Ravenna had been pretending to love and cherish her duties as Queen and a mother and had waited quite a while before fulfilling her plan. Then when Charles was old enough, she poisoned him mercilessly, probably to do the same with the King. Therefore she would be the Queen and ruler of Vercorin until death would tighten its grip around the manipulating power thirsty Queen. It all made sense. Who else would kill an innocent child, if not for selfish reasons? James hated the fact that all of these theories made horribly much sense, so he could do nothing but believe them.

Although one thing had been left unanswered. Why would the Queen have targeted the mere servant Snow White? His thoughts fluttered back to the hazy memory of Ravenna running into his office, screaming the false accusations that Snow White had killed their son. He understood why she would try and divert the attention to an innocent worker. So she wouldn’t beckon under the punishments and consequences of her actions.

He had thwarted her words hastily and was grateful that his guards had carried her away before she could’ve clawed deeper into his soul. She was clearly in a state of dementia, and he reprimanded himself furiously for not seeing this side of her sooner. Before his only son had died.

But why would she then go and poison the one person she had accused? Could she be acting any more obvious than that? He shook his head in disapproval as he realized this. Ravenna had bluntly told him that Snow White was the fault of their son’s death, and then very randomly, that same servant was now lying on her deathbed. Or had been.

Maybe, this was all part of her plan. James thought of the poison she had used. The bottle filled with clear liquid, which she had flashed obviously as she had passed him in the hallway, on the northern end of the castle. Where was she headed? Questions were rapidly filling up and falling over the rim of his mind. The King could no longer bear this Hell he had to endure.

Out of instinct James walked out into the once so beautiful hall that was now filled with sorrow and hate, and headed for the garden. Cold flushed over him as the fresh winter air filled his lungs. The snow had stopped, but it was still unbearably cold.

His eyes fell upon the last and confirming answer he sought. Normally the flowers in the garden just withered, but these, where Ravenna had poured the last poison into the dirt, were now as black as charcoal and their heads were drooping even lower than before. James thought back to when Snow White had shown him this flower bed, which spoke nothing but the truth. He remembered Snow White’s words exactly as if they were imprinted into his mind. She had broken off a stem and told him that they had been poisoned.

The King slowly fell to his knees and lay his head on the frosty earth. A tear slid down his cheek as he relived those horrid moments he had experienced in the same exact place. Without even trying to prevent it, he let out all the emotions he had been holding in for such a long time. His sons death, the truth about his wife, the broken bond, the possibility that his daughter might die, his confusing feelings for Snow White that he knew he shouldn’t have, and the fact it had all happened because of him. If he had just been closer to them all he would’ve realized what was going on, and he would have been able to stop it.

James had needed to see the flowers once more, before reaching upon the realistic things that were at stake. His daughters life, and maybe even his own.

Those dead flowers symbolized many things, and so much came to thought when he saw them. But mostly he saw himself. Even though he was only twenty eight of age he had endured more pain than he could bear.

In the flowers he did not just see his past, but also his future. It was clear to him, that nothing would ever be the same, and nothing would ever change. He would die a scarred man. It killed him to look at them.

Silently he made an oath. He would protect the people he held closest to his heart, even if it meant risking his life, the castle or the kingdom. The King lay on the ground crying his heart out until a servant found him and brought him inside. She tucked him into the warm and comforting bed he spent every night in, and left without commenting on the depressed King. Everyone is human, she thought as she shut the door behind her. It made her happy in a way, to see the King crying. Finally he was dealing with his emotions. She knew no one could hide their feelings forever, and especially from themselves.

The King just needed some time to himself, before he would seek Ravenna. 

Drained of emotion and energy James fell asleep, and his body finally gave in to his never ending wish.

To escape from reality.

- End of chapter twenty

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