The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


47. Dust


“Oh my God. Oh my God.”

Suddenly I didn’t really want to continue reading, since the next chapter obviously would be a major indiscretion on the Kings behalf. I could see it all clear now: girl meets boy, boy is already in a relationship, his girlfriend gets murdered and girl is his shoulder to cry on, and from there a relationship blossoms.
    Amazing, right?
    It was just so messed up. Snow White would become the new Queen of Vercorin and live evilly ever after with the King by her side.
    This was not supposed to happen. Fairy tales are about happy endings, and good things happening to good people as a reward. Not the contrary.
    “Damn it.” I muttered as I closed the computer screen. I was definitely going to finish the story tonight, but I just needed a break from that messed up world. Vercorin seemed to have an extremely disrupted Kingdom, with some serious need to check their staff’s history before hiring. Suddenly I wished I had gotten another fairytale to analyze. It was so stressful and emotional to read about.
 I made a mental note to observe other people, and make nobody ever manipulated me like that.
     ‘Like anyone would ever do that in real life.’ I thought. ‘But then again, Snow White actually did.

     This was all just so confusing.
     Summoning up my courage to keep on reading, I flipped open my laptop and waited for the screen to light up.


Pulling her lips into an innocent but suggestive smile, Snow White knocked lightly three times on James’ chamber door.
     A couple of seconds later he stood before her, his tall frame towering above her.
     They were looking at each other for what seemed like a long time until he finally spoke.
     "Thank you my King. Even though this truly is a heartbreaking time, I am sure I can make you feel at least a little better," she softly spoke. In her right hand, she had a bottle of wine she had stolen from the kitchen. This, of course, she did not confess to the King.
    Snow White stepped inside with her eyes devouring the sight of the magnificent room and responsively took a short, sharp breath. Velvet maroon colored curtains were draped elegantly around an enormous four-poster bed carved intricately out of mahogany.
     Paintings of the King's ancestors hung on the pearl-like white walls. They shone iridescently from the soft glow of the tall candlelights.
     Her eyes stopped scanning the room as one painting in particular suddenly magnified in her field of vision.
     On the canvas, James had Charles in his lap and Ravenna by his side, with Rosa in hers. The King noticed Snow White’s momentary shock and sadly commented the work of art.

    "He was such a promising young boy, and she was such a marvelous Queen,” he sighed. “Only now do I realize how talented she run the country." His voice cracked, as he said the last word. James felt such a burning hate inside his stomach, so vile and
angry that it horrified him. He couldn’t understand his emotions, nor did he think he ever would. The wife he had hated while she lived, he suddenly yearned for and regretted his behavior toward her. Maybe it was because of his own ignorance and denial that she had died.
     If there were a true and just God, why would the world punish him like this? The King had believed in an upper power all of his life and it pained him to have to doubt his own beliefs - but he simply could not help himself.
James suddenly had an involuntary thought, one that he had tried to avoid; but for each day that passed, it seemed to make more and more sense, and if nothing, possibly be the only explanation for the events that had occurred.

Everything comes to an end. Happiness is only a temporary state of mind and works as a veil, to mask this malevolent world. There is nothing to truly live for, as it will all end.
    The King shivered as fear crept down his spine. He was afraid of his own mind and somehow, throughout all this it had turned into a warzone.
    Luckily, his anxiety slipped mostly away as he imagined his precious daughter’s face. He knew that her existence already had invalidated his horrible theory about life. Rose was alive and prospering, and he would be the best father he could for her.
    That was his purpose in life.

He was so lost in his own thoughts that he jumped when Snow White laid her hands on his shoulders.

    "My dear James, I am sure you will find someone who can rule the country just as well," Snow White purred as she wrapped her arms around his torso, hugging him tightly. James started trembling.
    "As long as we have you for a King, everything will be all right. You will heal."
    He couldn’t control the tears falling down his face. He felt no shame, but mere relief in crying. But he didn’t believe her.

    "How do you know that? I lost both my child and wife," he replied with such remorse and sadness, it almost - but only almost - made Snow White feel a twinge of sympathy in her heart.  His sadness was purely her fault.
No, she thought bitterly. Silently she shook her head as if trying to physically remove the sudden thoughts from her mind. The thing is, that once you think something, those thoughts are incredibly hard to un-think again.
    “Are you all right?” the King asked hoarsely, noticing her discomfort.
    “Me? Why, of course I am all right! You are the one I worry about!” she answered while massaging James’s shoulders. “If there is anything,” - she breathed into his neck - “anything at all that I can do for you make sure to ask.”
     His heart started to pound and he heard the blood rushing around in his veins. Slowly the King turned his face to hers and tentatively grazed his lips to hers. Snow White responded by pushing back and wrapped her arms around him. She felt an unexpected rush surge through her body, and in that moment, she knew that her plan could do nothing but succeed.


Their night ended when the soft rays of morning sun shone in through the window, lighting up the royal room. Their bodies were entangled in between white sheets and heavy duvets. The cloudy dust in the air was revealed by a  ray of light that hit the King on his elbow. Slowly he inhaled and saw when the dust traveled to his mouth, and imagined its journey into his lungs.  

    Slowly he closed his eyes, and before his body found it’s way too much needed sleep, he felt safe and confident that someone would help him through these disturbing current of events. It was a perfect moment, but was soon forgotten for he was already far away in a world with no sadness and pain - but with hope.

End of chapter thirty
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