The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


32. Cinderella

Anger flushed inside me as the bell decided to ring as I read the solemn ending. I was actually just angry that the King didn’t see the truth. How hard could it be to ask for it? He could just talk to Ravenna and at least hear her version of the events, but no he decided to just assume. But most of all I was angry with Snow White. What happened to karma in this tale? Why couldn’t Snow White just die, and get it over with. They could live a happy ending if they just pulled themselves together but all of them had just woven a web of actions and thoughts so tight, that they could no longer escape from it. Even if they wanted to.

Absentmindedly I hoisted my bag onto my shoulders and started to walk toward the exit. Suddenly I felt a hand softly pad my shoulder, sending a shock of adrenaline through me. I barely stopped myself from letting out a scream. Instead I gasped loudly. Since I was so spun up in my own thoughts, I had completely forgotten about Hunter. I turned around and somehow I already knew it was him.

“Do you want to eat lunch together?” Hunter tentatively asked. I understood why he wanted a companion, but already I was feeling tired of our little thing. It was nice, I actually really liked it, but right then I wanted to be alone. Of course I couldn’t blow off Hunter, so I just told him to follow me. By now he should be able to find his way around the school, but he still seemed pretty lost in the many halls of Bleakly High School. I could relate; it took me forever to even find the bathroom. The school was built like a maze so I had drawn a map of all the many rooms and paths. Now that I had been here for two years, I couldn’t imagine now knowing the place.

When we walked through the big crowd of loud teenagers, talking with renewed energy, Hunter and I barely spoke. I guess we didn’t need to. I could sense he was uncomfortable with new people, and I knew I was too. So I think we would be good together as partners.

After the long line at the cafeteria and the process of finding a vacant table, we finally sat down and began to eat.

I was still wound up and thinking about the story, when I noticed the food Hunter had picked. There was a salad, some eggs, a small loaf of bread, butter, macaroni and cheese and a cup of orange juice, lying on the bright green tray. I looked at my own choosing and stared as the chicken soup, bread, butter, salad and a cup of Coca-Cola. With a fork in hand I pointed at his food.

“You’re a vegetarian?” I asked, slowly beginning to come back to the real world.

“Yep, sure am. My mother is a food maniac, and she encourages me to eat healthy and varied. So I sort of have to.” He answered and looked a bit embarrassed. I decided to try and comfort him. Honestly I found vegetarians cool, and tried to do the same, but I just loved meat too much to give it up.

“That’s cool. I wish I could bear being a vegetarian, and believe me I’ve tried. But I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.”

“It’s actually pretty easy. I haven’t eaten meat for the past two years, and I don’t really like it anymore I think. But I sort of hate my mom for taking it away from me when I did.” He answered, clearly feeling better in my company.

“I can understand that.” I thought of something else to say, before it got quiet again, and miraculously the question I had been meaning to ask him popped into my head. “Which project did you get for the English assignment?” I actually did want to know, since I found my own so interesting.


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