The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


14. Cabin


Snow White had already gotten dressed and ready to work, when a knock sounded from her door.

“Come in,” she answered. The knob turned and in came the chef.

“I have come here with a task for you. You know how to navigate the forest, don’t you?” Paolo asked.

“Yes I do. What is the job?”Snow White looked out the window and saw the small white flakes fall from the sky. By now the ground had a thick layer of snow, which needed boots to get through.

“Well, for tonight’s dinner we need the common winter mushroom, Velvet Stem. Can you find ten of them for me, so I can roast them before dark?” The chef answered, still holding the basket in his hand.

“Of course. I just need to get into my winter boots and coat, and I’ll be on my way. But since the mushrooms are on the other side of the forest, I will need some lunch. It takes roughly two hours to get there.” Snow White was already finding her coat and strapping the boots securely on to her feet. The snow outside was falling harder, so she found a shawl she could wrap around her head. The chef felt gleeful, because the Queen herself had delivered this task, and let him in on the secret.

“Yes, I have made this basket for you already.” Paolo laid it on her desk, and quickly left the room. He had many things to arrange.

Snow White examined the contents and to her delight she found two warm buns of bread and a shiny red apple.

As she trudged through the thick white snow, she studied the trees, to see if there were any Velvet Stems growing there. None were to found, unluckily in her case. Snow White could already feel the cold seeping through her clothes. But she was determined. She did this last winter as well, so she knew she could do it again. This winter in particular was colder than the last.

Soon enough, Snow White passed the now frozen stream that in the summer supplied many fish. It calmed her to find it, because it meant she was on the right way. She had gotten lost before, and the thicket of snow caused her eyes to squint, so it was harder for her to see.

Time passed and soon Snow White passed a tiny cabin, she had never seen before. Out of curiosity and coldness, she knocked on the door. To her surprise a little man opened and screamed with joy.

“Who are you?” The man was half her size, and clearly much poorer. His face was smudged with grime and dirt, and his clothes were dirty.

“I am Snow White,” she answered, with a certain superior tone.

“Hello. I am Happy. Would you like to come in?” the dwarf answered.

“With pleasure.” Snow White answered, a smug smile growing on her lips as she stepped inside the warm and cozy cabin.

- End of chapter nine

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