The Other Side of the Story

The normal high school student, Raven, needs to analyse the famous fairy tale of Snow White. Thinking this as easy, she soon uncovers the truth about the perfect Snow White, and realizes it is much deeper, raw and tragic than the story we all know so "well".


42. Anger

“WHAT!” I exclaimed, without even thinking about it. How could Ravenna, the best person with the sweetest soul, die? How is that even possible? I thought to myself. She was the most amazing human being, with a couple of mistakes in her past, yes. But who doesn’t make mistakes? No one.

I had been feeling a lot better about all of my problems while I was reading, until I saw that last part. Snow White was the villain, Ravenna was the hero and yet she still dies? Why doesn’t Karma work? It is unfair and not even possible in this context. Snow White deserves death more than anyone else in this damn world, and she gets to live?

Thoughts whirled in my mind. Now it really bothered me to know that everyone else thinks that Snow White is the good person. The innocent one.  By then I didn’t even care if the story was a fiction or not – I could never believe in the original version of Snow White everyone thought to be true. In fact, now I couldn’t believe in any other fairy tale at all.

I was no longer crying, or sad for that matter. I was angry. If there was one thing Ravenna had taught me, it was to stand up for what you believe in, and to not let anyone tell you you’re wrong. Mark and Jack could go to Hell for all I cared. They couldn’t and shouldn’t be able to control my actions and my life. If they didn’t want me to be with Hunter, then… well, that’s exactly what I would do.

Take a chance. Be brave. Show them. A voice whispered inside my head. Before I could change my mind, I quickly opened Facebook and searched in the chat bar. I was too wound up to stop myself. There was a small green circle outside Hunter’s name, which meant he was online.

“Hey, what’s up?”  I typed without thinking. It took a couple of minutes for him to answer, but when he did I smiled.
“Nothing much. Researching Cinderella, and it’s quite interesting actually.”
“Really?” I replied. “I’m searching on Snow White at the moment. What are the odds, haha?”
“Uuuh spooky! Hey, and I wanted to ask you something.” This made me a bit nervous, but I typed away.
“About today…um.. I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to ask if you were all right?” I nearly rolled out of my bed. Nobody from school ever wrote to me, and nobody ever asked me if I was all right. Damn, he was sweet.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for sticking up for me, that was really nice of you J” I cupped my face in my hands, hoping I hadn’t crossed the line of our ‘friendship’.
“No problem! I hate bullies and Mark…Man, I just want to show him that we are better than his judgment. He doesn’t get to decide what we do at all. I just had to show him that. I’m glad you’re fine, I was a bit shaken up afterwards, you know, adrenalin pumping and all.”

We. Hunter wrote we. I really hoped I could keep him as a friend. There were two reasons. One, because I had no friends and I desperately needed one. Two, so I could shove it in Mark and Jack’s faces. Ha.

We went on and on like that for a while, until my mother finally called me down for dinner. I left my room utterly happy and satisfied. Hunter really was a nice and funny guy, and he just made me…smile. Amazing how my feelings suddenly changed from raging teenager to happy and blissful. His presence really did give me hope. Mark, Jack, Ashley and Maria did not own me, and for the first time I realized that they could not control me in any way. They just made me think they could.

“Hey honey, how’re you doing?” My mother asked curiously. We hadn’t really talked since we cuddled together while missing my dad. Just the thought of him made my stomach drop. Luckily my mother distracted me before I got all wound up again, by telling me to eat.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.
“Smoked salmon, salad, bread and some soup on the side.” She answered while handing me a plate.
“Sounds delicious. Thanks for cooking.” I replied, sitting down on my chair.

After eating for a while, my mother stroke up a conversation, her green eyes looking at me with interest. 
“So sweetie, how’s school these days?” she asked in between bites of food.

“It’s all right. I’ve gotten a new friend called Hunter and our projects about the fairy tales are due to Monday, so I’ll be working on that this weekend.”  She looked surprised at the mention of Hunter and raised her eyebrows questioningly, which made my cheeks turn pink.

“So who is this Hunter you speak of?” Why did I tell her this?
“He’s a new kid in school. We just sort of… became partners I guess, since both he and I had nobody to sit with.” My mother began smiling secretively as if she knew something I didn’t.

“What?” I demanded. I hated when she used that smug smile of hers.
“Oh nothing. I just can’t wait to see how things turn out with Hunter, that’s all.” Her voice responded in a thick sarcasm. I couldn’t help but smile.

“What do you think you’re referring to young lady?” I asked while pointing my fork at her accusingly. She giggled a little and finally answered my question.

“I just love seeing romance in the air, especially with teens. It’s just so cute.” I had been drinking some water and nearly choked on it when she said those words. For a reason unknown I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. When I recovered I quickly explained my relationship with Hunter so she didn’t get any ideas.

“Oh no mom, you got it all wrong! He’s just my partner in school – nothing else, believe me!” And with her confident smile she just simply said:

“We’ll see.”  I knew there was no way I could convince her otherwise so I changed the subject.

“Anyways, how’s it going at work?”

“Ugh, my boss is a pain, but the costumers are really nice. They always compliment my food so that is a joy. Hope you liked tonight’s dinner by the way, I didn’t really do anything special.” Typical Eve. She always underestimated her skill in the kitchen so I had to tell her otherwise. Slouchy for her was fancy for me.

“Are you kidding? This is superb, seriously delicious. Don’t doubt yourself in this area mom.” She smiled and thanked me for the compliment. Our conversation went on; me telling her about my project and my research, that Snow White was evil and the Queen was good, which she listened intently to. Then she explained about work and how she was getting really fed up with her boss and colleagues as they let her do all the work and then took credit for it.

“Mom. Listen to me. When they try to take the credit, you get up and say that it was you who did it. Otherwise they’ll push you around and that is not fair, nor reasonable. Take a stand and fight for your rights.” There were tears in her eyes, and her straight blonde hair sat perfectly as she spoke.

“You have no idea how proud I am of you honey. You are really turning into a confident young woman right in front of me. I am really glad you have made a friend. That will really change things for you, I’m sure. I can only tell you to follow your own advice because it is a very important skill to have. To be able to say that you are better than small drama problems and make the best out of it for yourself.”  Her words warmed my heart. I really hoped that I could follow it and tell the bullies to go away. I just had to have the guts. But I didn’t think that would be a problem since I had Hunter by my side. He clearly didn’t give a shit about what people thought of him. I should really learn from his point of view. I had only him as a friend at school anyway, so why did it matter in the slightest what anyone thought about it? I knew this was the right perspective to have, but I was afraid that my push-over self would take over me again when I was confronted by the other students.

“Thanks mom. I hope so too, for the both of us. I really do.”

After that we washed the dishes and I retreated to my laptop. I pulled on a white wool sweater which was warm and comfortable. That talk with my mom had been really nice. Lately our bond had been growing stronger which really made me feel better. My father’s absence made us stand together and fight through the loneliness. Hunter helped with that too. Just the thought of his name lightened my mood, and even though we weren’t close I couldn’t help but wish that we were. I wanted to get to know him better; I just didn’t know how I would do that. Talking to strangers was not one of my strengths.

Once my mind had settled I turned on my computer once again. I had about two more days left to do my project. That was all right, I would just work intensively on it. It’s not like anything else was more interesting in my life at the moment. It was Friday, and it would be this night that I finally finished the story. After all it was only 8:30 pm.

Small snowflakes had begun to fall outside my window again, making my backyard looked like a winter wonderland. I had always loved winter – such a beautiful time a year. Hot drinks, cozy clothes, blankets and the snow. The breathtakingly beautiful snow amazed me every year no matter what. But at the moment it angered me. It reminded me too much of Snow White, much because of the name, but also because of its appearance. A carpet of pure innocence. But people forgot that underneath the snow, laid all the dirt it was hiding. Just like she did.  I ripped my eyes from the sight and landed with a thud on my bed.

I really am losing it, aren’t I? was my last thought before indulging in the story once again.

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