There are a group of special people among others.They go to a school for special and non special.Read the story from a few of the Special's.


1. Sabitha

My long black hair blew in the wind revealing my pale face.I glance at a girl running to the toilet.My fangs coming out.I hide my fangs and walk into the toilet.I creep silently and stare at the girl she was washing her blonde hair from blood i smelt her she was human.I walked beside her and looked in the mirror.

"Hi,i'm Natasha your beautiful"Natasha the girl whispered to me.I took a glance at Natasha she looked about fourteen and quite pretty with blonde hair and dull green eyes.

"Thanks i'm Sabitha"i replied back looking at my reflection.

"How do you look so pretty"Natasha asked me.

"Natural i guess"i replied.

"You look like a supermodel"Natasha exclaimed.

"Thanks"i answered back getting frustrated she was asking so many questions.

"How old are you"she asked.

"asking so many questions aren't good for you"i shouted.She took a step back.I revealed my white pointy fangs.She screamed and waved her hands trying to hurt me.I pushed her against the mirror and watched as blood trickled from her face.I sank my fangs onto her neck and drank deeply making sure there was no blood in her body.Then pushing her on the floor making sure there was no blood on my fangs.Then walked out of the toilet making sure no one saw me coming out.

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