~NOTICE 25/10/13~ So I haven't updated this in a while, and I'd just like to say that my opinions on some of these books have changed slightly, and also that I don't know if I'll still update this. Thanks for the support, though <3
Looking for a good read? You, my dearest people, have made it to my collection of book reviews!
As someone who wants to be a writer, I read to get new material (this does not mean that I copy the ideas of other authors, simply that I get new vocabulary to put in my own writing, and, if I like or dislike something that I read, I mentally analyse why so that I know what to feature or not feature in my own work).
I also read because...well...I love reading!
So, every 'chapter' in this movella is a separate review. I'll try to put new ones up whenever I finish a book that I think needs to be talked about.
Please comment and, if what I've written in my reviews has persuaded you to read one of the books, please go for it and tell me what you thought.


9. The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards

Okay, so as I keep saying, sorry for the irregular timings between reviews. How long has it been? Forever, that is your answer, and I apologise to anyone who has stuck around long enough to still care about my opinions. I'm writing one right now: I finished The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards and I thought I'd write about it for you guys.

Of course, I never stray from the usual format, so we'll start with The Plot. The story centres around our protagonist Lucy, living in Japan having left her home country ten years ago, post the trauma of her father's death. When she decides to revisit 'The Lake of Dreams' where she grew up, alongside the nostalgia of re-meeting old friends (and an old boyfriend) and the irritation at the feeling of not having a say in the development of the local marshlands, she also makes another discovery: a forgotten ancestor.

And so begins Lucy's quest to find the true story of her anonymous great-great-great-aunt (and put some old ghosts to sleep along the way...)

Next up, we have The Characters! As aformentioned, Lucy is our protagonist, a determined and thoughtful woman (from what I grasped, anyway) in her late 20s/early 30s, I think. She is very much attached to her boyfriend (imo, the most likeable character) Yoshi, who she met in Indonesia, but some old feelings stir up when she re-meets Keegan, the glass-blower who she dated as a nineteen-year-old. There's her brother, Blake, and his vegetarian girlfriend, Avery, and her mother (not to mention her mother's new friend, Andy) and her uncle, Art, and her cousins: pretentious Joey and stereotypical teenager Zoe.

The characters listed above did not quite keep me on tenterhooks: they were likeable, rounded and interesting enough for me not to throw the book down in disgust, and nothing more. However, it is when we discover her ancestors that the characters from the past make the story truly intriguing...Suffragette Rose, and Iris, and Joseph, and Frank Westrum...Find out about them for yourselves if you read the book ;)

And now I'll move on, finally, to the Writing Style.


I'd feel absolutely horrible to get all critical here, because the descriptions are pretty much flawless: they're captivating, beautiful, atmospheric and filled with wonderful words...too many? At first, I'll admit, these descriptions had me entranced. Being someone who wants to write for a living myself, I always read perfect descriptive passages such as the ones in this novel, and think, 'Why doesn't my writing turn out like this?'

However, after a while, the lengthly descriptions started to drag, and a lot of the time I felt like entire chapters were written when only two paragraphs of this actually interested me. Aside from when Lucy found the letters and the shocking revelation at the end, there was no 'I couldn't put it down!' point.

Then again, that could just be my taste: I like books to grip me, and despite some beautiful descriptions and a good (albeit slow moving) plot, I didn't feel like the Lake of Dreams did that.

So, here we go:


Thanks for reading, comment, like, fan, fave etc if you liked (or disliked!) it. More will follow...

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