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As someone who wants to be a writer, I read to get new material (this does not mean that I copy the ideas of other authors, simply that I get new vocabulary to put in my own writing, and, if I like or dislike something that I read, I mentally analyse why so that I know what to feature or not feature in my own work).
I also read because...well...I love reading!
So, every 'chapter' in this movella is a separate review. I'll try to put new ones up whenever I finish a book that I think needs to be talked about.
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4. The Harry Potter books (first four) by JK Rowling

Right. Time for a not-so-sparkly review...I am going to be despised forever, by everyone, after writing this. How could I possibly even come close to putting down such a well-loved and admired series?

I suppose it's time to speak my opinions, and face the consequent music. I read the first four and a half Harry Potter books a couple of years back, and these were my thoughts. (For anyone who intends on reading the books, I'd just like to point out that there is a spoiler warning here).

Time to start with The Plot. The initial plotline was actually very likeable: a young boy with a difficult home life discovers that he is a wizard, and goes to Hogwarts, a school for wizards. Here he makes friends and has a whale of a time, but all is not well. Voldemort, the dark lord, is after him.

I enjoyed the first couple of books. The idea was fun to read about...because what kid hasn't wanted some sort of magic power, at some point? Harry was such a lucky guy, suddenly being told that he was one of the most powerful wizards in the world. But soon I started to spot a pattern. I could guess the storyline of every book: I always knew that, even if Voldemort had seemingly been defeated, the next book would bear the announcement that 'He's back, Harry! And he wants you!' It got to the point where all these wizards were panicking and I was just thinking, "Are you seriously surprised? He's never going to die, and he always wants Harry, I don't know why none of you see this coming!"

And what was up with the 'defence against the dark arts' teachers? They left--either due to being sacked, resigning, suddenly being discovered as being a werewolf, dying, etc--at the end of every book. I don't know if this gets explained later on in the series, or if it was supposed to be a running joke, but it seriously riled me. I didn't even bother getting attached to said teachers, because I always knew something weird was going to happen.

In any case, say what you will about that. Now we'll move on to The Characters. Interestingly enough, Harry was probably one of my least favourite characters in the whole franchise. It was just a bit tiring: he seemed to do no wrong. He was a nice guy, an amazing wizard, and everyone liked him (aside from Draco Malfoy and all the other characters nobody really liked). The sort of guy you might want to be friends with in real life, but not the sort of person you want to read about. I just couldn't relate to him at all.

That said, he did get angry once in a while (''I'LL KILL HIM! I'LL KILL HIM!''), which could have made him a little more human (or wizard, whatever pleases you).

I didn't have a dislike towards any of the other characters, though. I liked Hermione, and I loved the Weasleys...That being said, when I found out that Harry ends up with Ginny I did think it a little predictable, him having saved her life in the second book and all. Fred and George were my personal favourites.

Dumbledore was pretty cool, too.

And finally, time to talk about JK's Writing Style. I think the writing style overall was fairly good: the descriptions were very involving and atmospheric, yet the vocabulary was still very easily understood by children of all ages. Not once did I have to reach for a dictionary to figure out the meaning of some extravagant word, but it still worked very well all the same.

Having said that, I did think it dragged on again. I always thought it took him a bit long to actually get to Hogwarts, and there was quite a bit of waffle that, I felt, could have easily been cut out. Maybe I was missing something.

Overall, my thoughts: neat idea, well-written, but I think JK might have repeated herself a bit in running out of ideas and it didn't require the seven books it consumed. Three stars from me.


Please don't eat me, Potterheads! If it's any consolation, anyone else who likes reading who I've spoken to thinks I'm mad to have given up after four-and-a-half books, so maybe I should have stuck the whole series out. Those were just my thoughts, though.

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