~NOTICE 25/10/13~ So I haven't updated this in a while, and I'd just like to say that my opinions on some of these books have changed slightly, and also that I don't know if I'll still update this. Thanks for the support, though <3
Looking for a good read? You, my dearest people, have made it to my collection of book reviews!
As someone who wants to be a writer, I read to get new material (this does not mean that I copy the ideas of other authors, simply that I get new vocabulary to put in my own writing, and, if I like or dislike something that I read, I mentally analyse why so that I know what to feature or not feature in my own work).
I also read because...well...I love reading!
So, every 'chapter' in this movella is a separate review. I'll try to put new ones up whenever I finish a book that I think needs to be talked about.
Please comment and, if what I've written in my reviews has persuaded you to read one of the books, please go for it and tell me what you thought.


8. My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Haven't written a review in a while, but around a week ago I finished a pretty good book, so I'm here to give my views on it. Just to confirm, this is also a book aimed at adults: it's not too dirty but, like the Lovely Bones, there are a couple of sexual bits. Nothing too drastic, though, I just thought I'd point that out before you go and read it and get a shock, or if you're not comfortable with reading/allowed to read that sort of thing.

Anyway, as always, we'll start with The Plot. The book tells the story of the Fitzgerald family: thirteen-year-old Anna was conceived to be a donor match for her older sister, Kate, a sufferer of a rare type of cancer. However, when Anna is asked to donate a kidney, she finds herself suing her parents for the right to her own body. Despite having a very serious topic, the plot is extremely interesting (and the ending very unexpected): whilst the book can be difficult to read at points, it is even more difficult to put down.

The story is told from the point-of-view of several of The Characters. Each character is very polished and well-developed: there is Anna, a determined and intelligent teenager, there is Kate, who is tired of watching everyone else suffer due to her own illness, there is Sara, the desperate mother who will do anything to keep her children alive, there is Brian, the firefighting father of the family, Jesse, Anna and Kate's juvenile delinquent older brother, there is Campbell Alexander, the attorney who agrees to help Anna's lawsuit, and Julia, Campbell's rebellious ex-lover. Through these storytellers and their views of other more minor characters, the characters feel very much like living, breathing people.

My personal favourite was Jesse, who I thought was very intriguing and even somewhat likeable despite his obvious personality flaws. I thought Brian could have been developed a little further: he seemed to fit the 'perfect father and family provider' mould just a bit too easily, which was the only unbelieveable thing. However, he was by no means a dislikeable character all the same.

And as always, I shall round up this review by talking about The Writing Style. The writing style was very fluent and moving, shaping to the voices of different characters but somehow remaining equally touching and descriptive throughout. The quotes at the start of each day gave a nice finishing touch, as well.

To conclude: by no means everyone's cup of tea, quite saddening but ultimately hopeful, very good characters, and generally just a good read. My Sister's Keeper earns four stars from me.


Thanks for reading, please keep the comments, likes and faves coming!

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