~NOTICE 25/10/13~ So I haven't updated this in a while, and I'd just like to say that my opinions on some of these books have changed slightly, and also that I don't know if I'll still update this. Thanks for the support, though <3
Looking for a good read? You, my dearest people, have made it to my collection of book reviews!
As someone who wants to be a writer, I read to get new material (this does not mean that I copy the ideas of other authors, simply that I get new vocabulary to put in my own writing, and, if I like or dislike something that I read, I mentally analyse why so that I know what to feature or not feature in my own work).
I also read because...well...I love reading!
So, every 'chapter' in this movella is a separate review. I'll try to put new ones up whenever I finish a book that I think needs to be talked about.
Please comment and, if what I've written in my reviews has persuaded you to read one of the books, please go for it and tell me what you thought.


6. Heartburn by Anne Cassidy

Having read 'Looking for JJ' and loved it, I thought I'd read something else by Anne Cassidy, thus I stumbled across Heartburn in the library. I finished it last night and think it's time to write a review...

As always, we'll start with The Plot. The plot is complex in itself and difficult to recount without giving half the storyline away: it is written by the 'queen of teen crime', after all, so it's going to involve mystery. I'll cop out and give you the blurb instead (as I remember it, anyway): 'Tyler's been mixing with a bad crowd and he's done time recently, but now that he's hospitalised, Ashley's doing him a favour. After all, she owes him. What she doesn't know is that she could be owing him with her life...'

Oooooooh, sounds like Ashley's in some trouble, right? Oooooh, don't you totally want to read this book, right? Well, read the rest of my review first and see if it seems like your kind of thing ;)

Time to tell you about The Characters. Our main protagonist is Ashley Littlewood, who is basically an ordinary seventeen-year-old girl: she's studying at sixth-form college, she spends a lot of her free time with her best friend (and enormous fan of vintage clothing) Beth, and she's healthily interested in boys, clothes, and parties.

If the story weren't from her viewpoint, she'd probably be a fairly dull and lifeless character: however, the fact that the book is written in first-person makes her feelings, thoughts and hunches evident enough to be empathised with, and this saves her.

It's a good job that the other characters are more interesting all the same, though: her brother Dan, a major contributor to the storyline, is indecisive, flaky and a university drop-out; her ex-boyfriend Tyler Harrington is an intelligent and caring George Orwell fan despite his bad-boy reputation; Billy Rob always wears a suit and commits more crime than he is ever convicted of; Florence Monk seems a bit unreal with her perfect nails and 'manicurist' business card; Tyler's friend Jimmy seems reluctant to get involved in the sticky situations that arise later...All told, I had very good images of the characters in my head and enjoyed discovering more about them as the story went on.

Now finally, the Writing Style. This is probably where I'm going to get the most critical, because the writing style did not impress me as much as I would have hoped. It was by no means awful, but I found a lot of the phrasing repetitive, and I also noticed that many sentences had the same rhythm to them, or that there were many short sentences used in succession even when this did not aid the general effect of the scene. Having said that, after a while I was able to look past the awkward wording and actually get into the story.

To conclude: excellent plot, good characters and a fairly lacking writing style saved by the storyline. Four stars from me.


Please check back for more reviews and tell me what you thought of any books I review, or give recommendations/requests :)



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