~NOTICE 25/10/13~ So I haven't updated this in a while, and I'd just like to say that my opinions on some of these books have changed slightly, and also that I don't know if I'll still update this. Thanks for the support, though <3
Looking for a good read? You, my dearest people, have made it to my collection of book reviews!
As someone who wants to be a writer, I read to get new material (this does not mean that I copy the ideas of other authors, simply that I get new vocabulary to put in my own writing, and, if I like or dislike something that I read, I mentally analyse why so that I know what to feature or not feature in my own work).
I also read because...well...I love reading!
So, every 'chapter' in this movella is a separate review. I'll try to put new ones up whenever I finish a book that I think needs to be talked about.
Please comment and, if what I've written in my reviews has persuaded you to read one of the books, please go for it and tell me what you thought.


7. Dizzy by Cathy Cassidy

Sorry for the lack of reviews lately, I've been really busy with life in general and almost completely forgot that I was writing this little movella (!) before signing on today and deciding to write you all another review. Thanks if you're still here, haha. Anyway. Let's start.

I've read a lot of Cathy Cassidy's books and loved them all: however, I recently read one that outshined the rest (overtaking Scarlett and Sundae Girl at the top of my list of CC's works). Dizzy was gripping, exciting, moving...and here's my review for it!

As always, we're gonna start with The Plot. Dizzy is a young girl who has been primarily brought up by her father, her mother having left to live the wild life at various solstices and festivals when she was tiny. However, she still recieves a letter or gift or postcard from her illusive mum every year on her birthday, and she treasures these objects upon their arrival, no matter how small or seemingly worthless they may seem. On her twelfth birthday, however, she recieves nothing in the morning post...only to come home from school and discover her father in the kitchen with none other than her mum, Storm. This unexpected appearance, as said on the blurb, 'puts Dizzy's world in a spin.'

Now we'll move on to The Characters. If there's one thing Cathy Cassidy can do well (and trust me, there are many things this writer does well) then it is creating vivid, interesting and yet strikingly believeable characters. Dizzy is the perfect protagonist, telling her story through her own eyes and embroidering it with her confusion, dreams, memories...Her father is in many ways the 'ideal parent' character: eager to please and protective of his only daughter. Storm is a chocolate-eating vegan with good intentions but a love for her selfish boyfriend, Zak and the life that can only be lived through smoked drugs, tents and loud music prevent her maternal instincts from being strong enough...if they exist at all.

More intriguing, though, are the other 'crusties' we meet at the festivals: Finn with his 'beautiful feet' and musical talent, his mother, Tess, with her caring ways, and, my personal favourite, Mouse; sad, lonely and scarred but affectionate to Leggit, the crazy, loving dog who roams the country with them. These characters and many more help the story come to life.

Finally, we'll finish with The Writing Style. Cathy Cassidy uses a pretty similar writing style in all of her books, and I must compliment this in that it is very balanced: there is enough description to help the images to be vivid in our minds, but the vocabulary is also realistically used...the story being written in first-person, it's a great addition to the already atmospheric story if we actually feel like a twelve-year-old is telling us her story, as a pose to a twelve-year-old using more fancy words than any normal twelve-year-old would know.

So, in general: gripping and exciting plot, lovable characters, and a writing style that may not be embellished with wonderful words and similes but still fits the story perfectly. I'm giving this one a high five.


Thanks for reading, check back for more book reviews and leave me a comment if you agree or disgree with my praises/put downs, or if you have a reccomendation, or if you just want to chat!


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