The day my life changed

15 year old Maria gets bullied at school and from then on, her whole life changes. Can she survive this or what will happen?
This is for the bullying story comp.
Read on to find out more...

Hope you enjoy!


2. The problem


didn't know how i did this but I just did. 

Well what happened was...



I went to school and i was bursting for the toilet. I went inside to find a guy who was putting a girls head down the toilet. I saw the way they just kept on doing it. I cant believe what i saw. I ran and told on them to the headteacher. I cant believe that I told on him. He was the biggest bully and at the moment, i never knew that i would be their next target. I was...


They started torturing me bit by bit at school.

Then one day, I saw Jake, the boss of the gang, come up to me in the morning. He dragged me to the toilets and did something that I will never forget, He hid a bag of drugs in my bag and he made me sniff the drugs and he took a photo of me sniffing it. He told the head and the head expelled me for carrying drugs. Since i was on drugs, I didn't know anything until I went home. My parents had got a letter explaining to them about the drugs. I told them that it wasn't me but they didn't listen. I knew that my life was ruined.


I ran to my room and started to cry.


I decided to do something about this.


I am going to kill myself.


I went to my dads room and got his gun out of his police uniform.


I left a note saying sorry for what I did


I put it against my forehead.


I pulled the trigger...



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