The Golden Ticket

17 year-old drama student Summer receives a special golden ticket to go to a prestigious acting school in New York for a whole summer - and her secret crush is coming with her...could it be any better?

Apparently, for Summer, it CAN'T. When her arch-nemesis Chad Zendiago is given a ticket as well, this summer can't be over quickly enough.


2. The News

There it was. The moment that would change my life forever.

"Summer Rachael Addison," my teacher's cheerful voice pronounced, making me snap my head up so quickly that my red curls bounced. My heart pounded in my chest; this was the defining moment. "You are going to New York!" he said and handed me a yellow sheet of paper. I couldn't believe it! Out of all the 50 competing young people, I was one of the 10 who was chosen to go to the Acting Academy for Dreamers in New freaking York! An impossibly big smile spread across my freckled face and I looked up gratefully at my teacher, Mr. Cartwright, before receiving the "golden ticket", as he had dubbed it, in his hand.

"Thank you!" I said humbly, starring at it. I never enjoyed over-acting, but some of the other girls who were chosen made a huge show about it. They would stand up, jump on the spot and scream "thank you, thank you, thank you!" until they were told to sit down. Then they'd thank once more and then sit down with a smile that spread from one ear to another. I tried my best not to roll my eyes, even though it was enormously tempting. Their dreams had just come true as well, after all, so I felt slightly ashamed of how I mentally laughed at them. Sometimes, I wondered if I actually was the sweet girl that everyone seemed to think of me as, since my thoughts often went into dark corners and I had to catch myself before I went into complete bitch-mode. But I supposed self-restraint was better than nothing. 

Suddenly, I felt a gentle clap on my shoulder and turned half-around to lock my green eyes with the hazelnut colored eyes of Matt Ryan, beautiful Matt Ryan, and my heart skipped a beat. He shot me one of his perfect smiles and mouthed, congratulations, which only caused my heart to skip another beat. Thanks, I mouthed back. While my thoughts were something along the lines of,  Ask me out! Please! I turned my attention back towards Mr. Cartwright. Or well, my eyes - my mind was somewhere else.

When my teacher spoke again, I realized there were only three spots left. Please let one of them be Matt. Please, please, please! I begged mentally. The trip would be much better if he came with. No, it'd be perfect.

Another girl called Christy squealed when her name was spoken, and the tickets in his hands were down to two. I held my breath. Shut my eyes, silently praying.

"And next we have...Matt Ryan! Congratulations." This time I was the one who squealed, which I am not entirely proud of. But by hearing my secret crush's name called up, something exploded inside me. I felt like I would be happy forever in that moment.


I should have known it wouldn't last.


"Last - but not least, we have the the final student who will get this golden ticket..." Our teacher held a dramatic pause, waving the yellow sheet in the air, and everyone in the classroom held their breaths, except me. I got in, Matt got could anything disturb my happiness now? "Chad Zendiago!"

My jaw dropped. Literally.

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