This is the real me

A few stories of different people with different problems who are bullied cause they're different.


1. Cancer in Me

"Hey baldy give me your money"the girls shouted at me.I looked away they didn't realise how much pain they put me through.They thought i cut my hair or it was cut but they don't know i have cancer and i could die any day.I shake my head.

"I said baldy give me your money why are you bald did daddy shave all your head off"they jeered making me feel so bad inside.My father had a accident and couldn't walk i did all the washing and shopping.

"No it's for father's medicine"i replied.

"I said give me by our money baldy this is an order"they shouted grabbing my money.

"Why do you bully me what did i do to you"i ask.

"Cause your a baldy that's what"they shout.They don't realise i am dying.

"I'm bald cause i have cancer yes i have cancer i could die any day and you make my life worse"i scream running back home.Scared thinking was it the right think will they tell everybody else.I run knowing i have a few days left.I look back to see them calling my name i run as fast as i could not caring why they are calling me just to torment me any more.

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