Who am I?

Girl discovers her identity is false, she sets out to find her real family and discovers she is completely different to her previous life


4. Chapter 4


I wanted so badly to run, to scream but I didn’t, I couldn’t I was too terrified.  I just stared up at the two dark men, smiling down at me. “You’re late home from school, what took you so long?” one of them men said, tilting his head to the side still smiling. Now, I felt angry, he was trying to toy with me and surprisingly I didn’t like it. “I was admiring the black hummer outside on the street” I replied slowly, glaring at the men. “Don’t try and act smart with me missy, you have know idea what power I hold” he sneered. Power - What was he a member of the power rangers now or something or just out of his mind?


Seconds passed, us just glaring at each other in silence. “Let my family go…” I said slowly, in a low voice. Nothing, they just stared at me. The energy inside of me had now reached to its peak, I wasn’t scared anymore. All I wanted now was to get my family out of here safely and let the men do what ever they came here to do.  I charged at them, attempting to squeeze through the gap between them. But they saw my plan and held out the arms and stopped me. I tired breaking free but it was no use, they were too strong. Suddenly, I was flying back in the air then crashed into the wall on the far side of the hallway, then crashed onto the floor. I felt a trickling sensation coming from the top of my head; I touched it with the tip of my fingers. It was warm, sticky –blood. Then without any warning I saw curtain of black envelop around me, as I fell into a deep sleep.





The darkness swirled around within my mind. It felt so empty, so hollow it felt so uncomfortable. It was silent; the only noise I could hear was the loud beating of my own heart. There was a sudden shriek; it made my whole body jerk awake. My eyes flew open, seeing the living room floor underneath me. Was I moved? I slowly pushed myself up onto my knees; my head felt so heavy making me feel dizzy. Once my vision was finally clear, I scoped the room and gasped in horror. What was once a white, clean, tidy living room was now a mixture of white and deep red – blood, all the furniture torn and smashed into countless pieces, the blood was smeared almost at every inch of the room in some places there was more blood than others.


Was this real? I really hoped, with all my heart that it was a trick of my mind, that it was a dream and yet I am awake. I froze in the place where I was, as my eyes followed a long trail of blood that waved and swirled ending at… my hand flew to my mouth as I gasped loudly. There laid my family, with crimson red blood lying over their bodies like a blanket. Their eyes looked at me, blank and emotionless. My body slowly moved across the floor towards them, it felt as if the closer I was to their bodies, the colder I felt inside. As I knelt in front of them, I realised that they hadn’t moved an inch, not flinched as I came close to them. Slowly I laid my hand upon my mother’s cheek, her skin felt soft as snow yet cold as ice. My vision then began to blur then I came to realise that I was crying.

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