Who am I?

Girl discovers her identity is false, she sets out to find her real family and discovers she is completely different to her previous life


3. Chapter 3


As I stepped through the main doors of the school, I took a deep breath. Then sighed, school was very tiresome for the mind; god knows how long I would be able to put up with it. Then I remembered that I had to go to the pool after dinner to do lengths, I groaned, today was not my lucky day. I walked home alone, as I always do on Tuesdays. On any other day Amber would be with me but on this time of the week she would be at the basketball court checking out the guys while they play basketball. She adored athletes and no surprise, they loved her too. She has tried to convince me on more than one occasion to stay with her to check them out but each time I declined. So on the way home from the school I would listen to my IPod to pass the time.


Once I had arrived into the road I lived in, I felt a strange shiver come from inside me and I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it one bit. The skies suddenly changed into a misty grey, I stared up at it for a moment frowning. I then shrugged then carried on heading to my house. When I was standing in the drive way of my home, I felt the shiver from inside me again, making me feel very suspicious. I took out my earphones then put my IPod away safely into my bag. I looked around the road to see if there was anything suspicious and there, directly across from where I lived was a shiny black hummer. I did not recognise it, now I felt very anxious about what was happening…something wasn’t right here, not at all.


I slowly walked up the drive way, through the gravel up to the front door. I looked down on the welcome mat. And there I saw what seemed to be scrap marks covered in mud. This was not right at all; my mother is a very tidy person. She wouldn’t have let someone make our home look untidy. But this area looked very disturbed. I took hold of the door handle and turned it slowly, while setting my school bag down softly onto the ground outside. Anxiety grew inside of me but at the same time, I felt a huge amount of energy seeping though my veins as if I was ready to fight. Then I had the door open far enough, I squeeze through the gap slowly and gently trying not to make a sound. I was in, it was hard to believe that I had to sneak into my own home and yet here I am, acting as if I was a burglar out on a bit of stealing. I tiptoed across the hallway and peeked into the kitchen, there was no one in there. I took a slow, deep breath then moved slowly and peeked into the living room. And there I saw them. On the couch was my parents and brother, with a thick red rope tried around them. I took a step back, shocked about this sight. I shook my head, I have to be strong this was not the time to be a coward.


“Where is the girl? You said she would be home by now? You lied to us!” A male voice shouted, echoing around the living room. “I-I-I don’t know where she is…” I heard my mother stutter, frightened. She, they were here for me. I froze on the spot where I was standing.  “You’re a lying little cow!” another male voice shouted. I peeked through the crack of the door and saw two men, dressed in black, towering over my family. One was holding a long knife, the length of a machete. The other was holding more rope, for me no doubt. I gulped in fear. Why were they after me? Were they here to kill me or to take me away? I wasn’t sure but I was scared to find out. I took another step back, then a loud squeak echoed in the hall way. I quickly looked down; I had stepped on one of Toby’s toys. I gulped hard and froze in my place, listening to foot steps rush into the hall way. “There you are precious” one of the men said trying to sound sweet and kind but in face had an evil mischievous smile spread across his face.

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